Surviving Thanksgiving

PolitiChicks.comWith Thanksgiving only a few days away I find myself frantically searching the internet for delicious & healthy alternative recipes that still have that Thanksgiving vibe. As I pen these words I can’t help but chuckle as I am reminded of a post a fellow PolitiChicks posted on her Face Book page last week.

What Southern Women DON’T Say

While I’m not from the south (well not THAT south), I can relate to much of the “traditional” customs that these gals comically portray in the video.

I may have previously mentioned that I am not a fan of spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I am not what you call a “foodie”. Having said that, I DO love traditions, with Thanksgiving being my favorite holiday to celebrate!

Those of us that strive to stick to our healthy eating routine might be driven to near crazies during the holidays; it can be difficult, even stressful. I think we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves with all the planning that’s involved to make the holidays perfect.

By putting a few simple strategies in play we find that we can easily partake in the festivities all the while maintaining all that hard work we’ve put into our health and fitness goals.

3 Strategies for Avoiding the Holiday Binge

Make sure you keep eating. Don’t fall for the misconception of not eating “so you can eat more at the party”.   Eat your proteins first; by eating healthy, metabolism boosting foods you will keep your metabolism revved up all day.

green beansDon’t neglect your water! You hear this all the time, and there’s plenty good reason why. Mostly it’s just plain good for you, but it also helps you eat less.

Enjoy your treats…be it a glass of the bubbly or those yummy cookies decorated all pretty with sprinkles. By depriving yourself of any treats you’re actually setting up yourself for a major binge. So enjoy the festivities, just keep them to a minimum and make sure you’ve had your proteins first.

I’ve included a few of the recipes I found on Pinterest that I’ll be enjoying this Thanksgiving. Hope you find one you like!

Until next time, blessings to you and yours this Thanksgiving!

Quinoa Stuffing

Green Beans

Chopped Salad

Mashed “Potatoes”

Skinny Apple Tart

Clean Pumpkin Pie

Delia Michelle

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