Guest Writer Dr. J.P. Sloane: School Days, School Days, Dear Sharia Rule Days

PolitiChicks.comMontgomery County, Maryland School District Bows to Sharia Sensitivities

Contrary to our country’s Constitution, America is becoming more and more compliant with Sharia Law. Just like Europe—we are going down the same suicidal path

Since when in America have we become so intimidated by political correctness that—in order to appease a minority group—we are willing to trample our national and traditional religious holidays? Such an atrocity is currently being perpetrated by the Board of Education in Montgomery County, Maryland.

A group of Muslims want their religious holiday—Eid al-Adha, the Feast of the Sacrifice—to be formally recognized and included on the school calendar. To their credit, the Muslims did not request that Christmas and Hanukah be cancelled, but asked that their holiday be added. Fair-minded Americans can understand their feelings; nevertheless, we were founded on Judeo-Christian principles and we remain a Judeo-Christian nation.

Superintendent Joshua Starr told MyFoxDC the County’s public schools would still be closed on Christian and Jewish holidays, but only because of student absences, not due to any religious observance.

The Montgomery County School Board doesn’t want to incur controversy by denying Muslims a place on the calendar since that might be interpreted as disrespecting Islam, so they decided to disrespect the Christian and Jewish children by forcing them to experience the elimination of Christmas and Hanukah. (Hanukah was a holiday that Jesus also observed [John 10:22]).

In our government-controlled schools, many schools now offer Sharia compliant halal (Islamic lawful foods) foods. Evidently, Kosher need not apply. Schools throughout America are visiting mosques on field trips and being taught Islamic prayers. In some schools Muslim prayer rooms are available exclusively for Sharia compliant students, and recently we had news in Maryland that Islam now takes precedence over traditional religious American holidays.

This is not to say that Muslims—or any other religious group living in America— should not be allowed to observe their holidays, but the last time we looked, only Christmas was officially proclaimed as the national religious holiday on the federal calendar. It was passed by an act of Congress and signed into law in 1870.

Thanks to Senator Ted Kennedy’s desire to water down Christianity in the United States, we have become inundated with a whole host of faiths. While in our Judeo-Christian America we try to be tolerant of all faiths, we now have so many religions migrating here (in addition to our indigenous religions and homegrown cults) that it would be impossible to accommodate every single one of them as you can see below:

Scientology ● Wicca Satanism Druidry Bahá’í Faith Buddhism Tibetin Buddhism Jainism SikhismTaoism Mexicayotl Religion ● Peyote Religion ● Waashat Religion ● Science of Mind ● Church of Religious Science ● Krishna Consciousness ● Unification Church (Moonies) ● Zoroaster ● Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh ● The Way ● Children of God—Family International ● Twelve Tribes ● Transcendental Meditation ● Native American religions including, but not limited to: Bole-Maru Religion ● Dream Religion ● Dance Religion ● Drum Religion ● Earth Lodge Religion ● Feather Religion ● Ghost Dance Religion ● Longhouse Religion, etc.

We should not be surprised that Sharia Law is being taught in our public schools nor should we be surprised that Sharia Law is being taught in our law schools or that Sharia banking is now firmly established in some of America’s largest banking institutions. Consider that one Midwest airport in Indianapolis provides accommodations for ritual Sharia foot washings for Muslims—wonder where else this is happening—and all of this with just a little over 2% of Americans who are Muslims.

Recently, an opening prayer in the 113th Congress was led by a Muslim cleric. According to House Rules, a guest chaplain may be invited once every term; however, the term chaplain is derived from one who serves in a chapel; a chapel is a synonym for church and is historically associated with the practice of the Christian faith. It is not uncommon for historical revisionists—in order to further an agenda—to revise terms and events in order to fundamentally change and thereby redefine a society. “Fundamentally change—where have we heard that term before?

On November 16, 2014, the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. hosted a Muslim prayer service dedicated to Allah never mind that Islam denies the Divinity of Christ and says Allah will tear Christians apart for believing that Christ is the Son of God (Surah 30:3-14). We can only wonder when they are going to hold a Mass in a Mosque.

In 2010 there was a directive by the federal government to law enforcement agencies, including the FBI, CIA and our military, that they could no longer mention Islamists, Jihadists or Muslim extremists, etc. Part of their plan is to label those who teach Islamic counter-terrorism training as Islamophobes.

There appears to be a coordinated effort between the current White House and America’s liberal media regarding Muslim’s who choose jihad in the service of Allah. It doesn’t matter whether they execute their jihad of murder on a military base or at a private business—no longer can those actions be described as acts of Islamic terrorism, but must be classified simply as “workplace violence.”

We have been told by Republican and Democrat presidents alike that Islam is a” religion of peace.” They don’t want to offend Muslims because under Sharia Law, Islam cannot be disrespected and is considered superior to all other socio-political faiths.

As President Obama said, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” This mentality has now overflowed into many areas of American’s lives. Strong efforts by our government, the media and the United Nations are continually trying change the hearts and minds of Americans to make Islam not only acceptable, but to make Sharia law on par with our constitution.

Remember, the United States of America was founded on Judeo-Christian principals. Visit our nation’s capital, and you will see many Judeo-Christian depictions incorporated on federal structures around Washington. One example you can see is Moses (a Hebrew) holding the Ten Commandments emblazoned on the east piedmont of the Supreme Court building.

It is important to remember that the Constitution of the United States of America was signed and dated—not in the name of Krishna, Buddha or Allah but— in the year of Our Lord. How many more of our cherished traditions and sacred values are we going to allow to be sacrificed—on the altar of Allah?

Dr. J.P. Sloane

As a student of world history and theology, Dr. J.P. Sloane has researched various religions, sects and cults in order to understand how they interact, and influence each other and others. Dr. Sloane graduated from: Purdue University, The Institute of Charismatic Studies at Oral Roberts University, The Moody Bible Institute, and The Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies. He earned a B.A., Summa Cum Laude, from The Master’s College where he studied at their IBEX campus in Israel and earned an M.A. in Counseling. At the Trinity Theological Seminary he earned two doctorates one of which is a Ph.D. With Distinction, in Religious Studies (World Religions). J.P. can be contacted at and on Twitter @JPSloane.

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