While we were distracted by Gruber, THIS is happening…

PolitiChicks.comGiven the recent surfacing of videos with MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber calling the American people “stupid” and how the Obama administration lied in order to push through Obamacare, one would think a little truth might do some good about now.

However, in continued arrogance, both President Obama and liberal Democrats remain steadfast in their attempt to minimize the fact that the one major accomplishment slated for Obama’s legacy is not only disliked by the American people, but it was also perpetuated with fraud in order to pass Congress.

While on an economic trip abroad, Obama held a news conference in which he doubled down on the lie that Obamacare wasn’t falsely sold to the public. This is in lockstep with Nancy Pelosi, who also tried to minimize how much Gruber had to do with the ACA. Gruber, who was also an advisor for the Massachusetts version of healthcare that Obamacare was based upon, reportedly visited the White House multiple times during the formation of the healthcare law. There were far too many visits to simply be passed off as just “some advisor who worked on our staff.” Obama went further to state, “The fact that an adviser who was never on our staff expressed an opinion that I completely disagree with in terms of the voters is not a reflection on the actual process that was run.”

Once touting that his Presidency was the most “transparent” in history, Obama has yet another major scandal on his hands. The question the American people should be asking is “what possibly could be next?”

Well, how about another massive influx of illegals across our borders?

According to a Guatemalan newspaper, Vice President Joe Biden stated at the December 2014 Investing in Central America Summit that amnesty will be granted to minors as “refugees” from the countries of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Slated as an “economic boost”, Biden reportedly claimed that President Obama would put a plan into action—via Executive Action–to fix the broken immigration system by the end of the year.

So once again it appears our Government is opening our borders in nothing more than a blatant attempt to increase the voting base of Democrats for the 2016 Presidential elections. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and one thing we should always remember from former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is that this administration will never let a good crisis go to waste. It is also evident that while the American people stay fixated on one story, we should really be worried about what is not being discussed.

Michele Toth

South Carolina PolitiChick Michele Toth served as producer and co-host of a popular Fox News affiliate station WNRR1380 and still fills in regularly as guest host for the Austin Rhodes Show on WGAC 95.1 FM in Augusta, Ga. Michele has interviewed such guests as Ambassador John Bolton, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Economist Peter Schift, and many more. Michele also has assisted as a social media strategist for political campaigns in both South Carolina and Georgia. Michele holds a Masters Degree in Management and Leadership and currently works as an Administrator for a large healthcare entity in Augusta, Georgia. Her articles have been seen on the Daily Caller and several other conservative media sites. You can follow Michele on Facebook and also on Twitter @mychel and see more of her writing/articles on her website chelholt.com.

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