8 Illegals Photographed Wearing Surgical Masks: Texas Officials “Stonewalling”

KRGV: detainees wearing surgical masks at the Hidalgo Border Patrol

On October 13, a Texas news station was sent a photograph of at least eight illegals–identified as West Africans–at the Hidalgo Border Patrol Station wearing surgical masks and latex gloves.  Investigative reporter Melissa Correa sent the photo to Customs and Border Protection officials, asking who the people were and why they were wearing masks and clustered together at the Hidalgo Border Patrol.  Correa says she quickly received an “unclear statement” saying the detainees did not have Ebola.  When Correa tried to question officials further, she says she was “stonewalled”.

Earlier in the week, Channel 5 had reported that CBP is watching out for sick travelers and that any suspected illnesses would be handled by the Center for Disease Control. But when Carrea contacted the CDC, local hospitals, and even the State, she says none of them had been called to the Hidalgo Border bridge.

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From Hidalgo’s Channel 5 News:

CHANNEL 5 NEWS called Customs and Border Protection and sent numerous e-mails to find out why the detainees were wearing the protective items.

CBP officials sent an ambiguous response. Officials responded to further requests for comments by saying that the response was in the statement they sent earlier.

The photo shows the detainees clustered outside what appears to be the Hidalgo border bridge.

CBP officials have said they are watching for sick travelers. Officials also confirmed that if people need to be isolated, the CDC and local health authorities will do an evaluation.

City, county and health official said they have not been called out to the Hidalgo-Reynosa International Bridge.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS sent the photo to CBP and requested more information.

The feds sent a statement saying “the Privacy Act precludes CBP from discussing the specifics of an individual’s processing. No case or individual processed by CBP at Hidalgo-Pharr-Anzalduas Port of Entry on Oct. 13 was related to Ebola.”

The agency didn’t deny the authenticity of the photo, so CHANNEL 5 NEWS called for further clarification. Officials refused to speak about the issue.

There are no Ebola cases reported in the Valley. However, with heightened concern from lawmakers about a slew of viruses and our proximity to the border CHANNEL 5 NEWS is pushing for information and transparency from federal authorities about health-related matters.

After speaking to a Texas Border Patrol agent about the photo, Luke Livingston, director of the Tea Party Patriot’s documentary The Border States of America, wrote on his Facebook page:

“These eight people were caught crossing into Texas from Mexico Oct 13th. They were detained at the Hildalgo Border Patrol station at the Rio Grand River. WHERE DID THEY GO? Were the proper tests made to insure they don’t have Ebola? Are they wearing masks and gloves to protect themselves from a fellow traveler who has Ebola? If the government is so concerned about quarantining one nurse in Maine from West Africa, why not these illegal aliens? After the election, President Obama plans to flood our borders with more sick people from around the globe. Why?”

Ann-Marie Murrell

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