Is Obama a Reluctant Warrior?

PolitiChicks.comPresident Obama’s handlers have been working overtime once again since he informed the world that America has no plan to deal with the surging war with the terrorizing and violent group better known as ISIS, The Islamic Sate of Iraq and Syria.

The White House people have been trying in vain to clean up from the loud photos of the President yucking it up on the golf course after he addressed the nation with the somber news of the beheading of an American journalist who was working in the Middle East. Damage control began as the President was scorned by even his closest allies over his insensitive behavior while vacationing at Martha’s Vineyard.

His typical narcissist response to being appropriately criticized was much befitting his personality and in keeping with his cold reputation “I should have anticipated the optics.”

Optics? What optics Mr. President? Someone should inform #44 that there was no optics involved. No one photoshopped his gleeful mug into the driver’s seat of his golf cart.

Later that week our Historical President addressed the nation to reveal his brilliant plan of defense; his words were far from convincing and comforting. What leader of the Free World uses words like “nope” and “Um, are we on the record”, and “it’s complicated” when answering questions about a group of people that are threatening to us? These people blatantly behead young innocent men, women and children as easy as eating a piece of pie. They promise to take over the White House and beat helpless people to a pulp and pointedly fire automatic rifles at Iraqi motorists as they simply drive down the streets, all in the name of Islamic torment.

There are unfortunately endless videos throughout social media of ISIS firsthandedly causing scenes of sickening dread with the literal ravaging of human beings to something beyond comprehension. I grew up in the sixties putting my head under the desk through the Cold War with Russia, and that was scary. Can you imagine the horror for these people on a day to day existence? These are hate filled groups that are ideologically, religiously, and culturally driven to terrorize and kill and they will not be stopped with reason or recognize the innate concept of humanity.

And I took notice. Nowhere in President Obama’s crocodile address to the Nation did he mention that he himself was the one who released the leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 2009 from Camp Bucca. I guess we know what Mr. Baghdadi has been doing since then, planning his revenge.

Thursday following the President’s speech, there were two words heard from the Beltway to Mainstreet USA and back again, over and over from journalists, “talking heads” and political pundits. Their words were dripping with regret as they informed us that their most beloved President Obama, the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner, the guy who campaigned on no more war… ordered air strikes on Syria. Syria is the seventh country to be attacked by American forces since he took office.

What happened Big Guy?

Here are the facts: No one likes war. No one wants war, not even the “mean Republicans.”

Normal people (aka Conservatives) understand and grasp history, reality, and the force of nature. Unfortunately American History and the past of every other nation and nation state to ever exist is strewn with the names of people who have caused death, destruction, turmoil, loss, anxiety, and fear, just like the cowards behind an executionist’s mask. Because of this, peace comes through war, not from the existence of Peace symbols.

Why don’t Liberals understand reality? It would make things a whole lot easier if we did not constantly have to explain the basics of reading writing and arithmetic to voting adults.

No one desires war. In fact, Republican sons and daughters are fighting in much higher numbers than Democrats, does that help? No one wants to go to war. Look at the Holocaust and how long it took for the world to get involved. Did peace symbols help any of the innocent five million+ Jews who were slaughtered? Did peace activists stop the Holodomor, the Soviet famine and starvation of ten million Ukraine’s by Stalin’s government? Did releasing doves in the air prevent half of the Paraguay’s population from being murdered from the fallout of war in the 1800’s? No, no and unfortunately more no. The answer is always no.

War is born through hate–not from the likes of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld sitting around a card table in the DC bunker.

President Obama is leader of the free world. Yes a very cool job, lots of perks. He originally acted like he wanted the position. But he is so afraid to make a statement that will stand for America because it is the very idea he has fought against, his whole political life. When President Obama was asked firsthand what he thought of the title Reluctant Warrior for himself he did not answer, he just smiled. Oh gee, what a refreshing change.   He didn’t snarl, turn grey, point his finger and lie.

News flash for you peace symbol bearing idiots, we would all have on a tye-dye shirts bearing the never out of fashion iconic circle and be flashing up two fingers….if it worked. To those of us who know better we always think “take the stupid shirt off and put down your hand because your foolishness is showing”.

As for myself, I will give you some ‘optics’. I flash three fingers and we all know that stands for Dubya. Now put that in your peace pipe and smoke it.

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