Must-See Video: Truth-Teller Geert Wilders Discusses Denial of Islamic Terrorism

It seems the entire world refuses to call Islamic terrorists our enemy, and we can add the Netherlands to that list.  On The Glazov Gang, Dr. Jamie Glazov conducted a very important interview with Geert Wilders, the founder and leader of the “Party for Freedom” — which is currently the fourth-largest party in the Dutch parliament. Mr. Wilders never backs down from telling the truth about Islam, a brave stance in a world that continuously denies the threat of Islamic terrorism.  Geert believes we should “de-Islamisize our societies in order to stay free…We shouldn’t only fight the Islamic State but we should fight the Islamic monster in our own free society.

When Jamie asks Wilders about the worldwide denial of Islamic terrorism, Geert says that the Netherlands have taken the same stance that America, the UK, and “most of Europe” has taken–that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.

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“What we are seeing,” Geert says, “is the core business of Islam…The killing of people, the chopping off of heads of people from America, from the United Kingdom, that we see every week on TV now.”

Geert continues,

“It’s written in the Quran.  Read Surah 47, verse 4.  It says that when you meet unbelievers, smite their necks until you have a bloodbath among them.  This is what’s happening today, it’s 100% Islam and the sad thing is that it’s supported by so many Muslims.  The misconception that it’s only a ‘small part’ of the Muslim people is wrong.  It’s a lie.  We made a survey in the Netherlands and it proved that 65% of the Islamic people..thought that people that went to fight for Jihad in Syria were heroes..We’re talking hundreds of thousands of people only in the Netherlands..It’s a small group that goes to fight Jihad and uses violence, but it’s an enormous group that supports it.  So indeed, we have an enormous problem in our society.”

Wilders is the author of Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me and Front Page Magazine editor’s Jamie Glazov is the author of United in Hate.

Ann-Marie Murrell

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