Mr. Wade Wants To Go To Washington…and will likely tip the balance of power when he does

Amidst this final push before November elections for conservative common sense to retake the U.S. Senate, many swing state races have GOP candidates surging and in some cases races tightening. While many good candidates out there are making headlines daily, still many more have been overlooked by both the media and the RNC in the triage to restore our government. Much to my surprise, an outstanding American and candidate for U.S. Senate from the state of Delaware by the name of Kevin Wade is emerging as one such individual that is simply too good for America to be lost in the race fervor.

With nearly 15% of voters still undecided in Delaware, the first State of these United States to ratify the Constitution can truly be considered a swing state for red on the 2014 election map. How it is that Chris Coons (D) incumbent has raised 9 million dollars to spend on his Senate campaign and yet has not been able to get past the 50% likely voter delineation in the Delaware polls? After listening to Kevin Wades’ strategies, it is easy to understand why the people of Delaware are now gravitating toward this common sense visionary.

Upon returning from a Relay for Life event, Kevin Wade took the time to talk with me and had some very interesting and downright excellent things to say about the positive direction that he, along with the good people of Delaware, would like to take his state. Simple, common sense and intelligent solutions could indeed become a template for the nation concerning some of the key issues currently facing the state of Delaware and our nation.

Where does Delaware stand politically?

Despite having a Democrat-controlled House, Senate and governor, Wade says that Delaware’s’ views are “center right” and the state has a conservative populace. This is evidenced by many of the concerns Delawareans have for their state and country such as our broken borders, chaos in government, drugs, America’s stature in the world, and lack of jobs, and common core just to name a few.

In a recent poll of 1000 people done by the University of Delaware, 80% were in favor of a government issued ID before being allowed to vote. In another poll 76% said they were against of the federal government spying on Americans home computers for national security reasons.

With these conservative views, why is the Delaware state government Democratic-controlled? Wade explained that many Democrat politicians in Delaware suffered from ‘political personality disorder’, meaning, they appear one way at home, (conservative) and an entirely different way in Washington DC, (liberal-progressive.)

“After listening to some of Democrat candidates stump speeches around town, you would think you were listening to Republican rally, but in reality their voting records in DC tell a far different story.”

According to Wade, one of the worst offenders of this Jekyll and Hyde syndrome is his opponent Chris Coons. “Coons, one of the most liberal progressives in the Senate today and votes in lock step with Harry Reid 97-98% percent of the time on policy issues!”

Wade related that, “George Will, writer for the Washington Post, (which can hardly be considered a conservative publication), said that Chris Coons is an extremist for voting in the Democratic Senate to amend the First Amendment as it relates to Free Speech.”

“Another thing Delaware voters may not know about Chris Coons campaign is that he often keeps his appearance schedule a secret from the public. Even so, the press always seems know where he is.”  Wade speculated that it could be because Coons did not want any public opposition to his voting record and policies, which would most certainly present him in an unfavorable light.


Kevin Wade and Chris Coons come from two very different backgrounds and see the world in two completely different ways.

Coons’ background is one of family wealth and privilege, having come from one of the wealthiest families in Delaware.

Kevin Wade on the other hand, grew up in poverty, in a Row House in Pennsylvania. At age 18 he went to work in the Steel Mills of Philadelphia and understood as a teenager what it was to work hard and earn a “grown man’s wage.” Deciding to pursue a higher education at Penn State he later took a job with DuPont in Delaware. He finished his education at the University of Delaware with a degree in Electrical Engineering and at age 29 started his own business from his kitchen table.   Throughout his career as a successful, independent business owner he has learned what it means to balance a budget and care for his staff. Wades factory process automation design and software company is one of the most successful in the industry, operating both nationally and internationally. His firm has earned a sterling reputation and designs for some of our country’s most well-known companies.

The Issues

JobsIn September of 2013 Wade received a cancellation notice for his company’s health insurance due to Obama-care. The alternative he was forced to take for his organization saw a 43% increase in cost.

“Due to heavy travel requirements of the job, my staff spends a lot of time out of state, so having to see local doctors mandated by the Obama-care alternative often makes treatment for them a logistical nightmare.   The government has replaced our own good decisions with their bad ones,” says Wade.

“While I am fiercely independent because of what I have built,” (and yes he did build it),” I also have a great deal of compassion for my staff, because they are also who have helped my business to be a success. My opponent sees success through initiative as a path that leads to corruption and greed. Although he has benefited from both, Chris Coons sees Capitalism and Free Enterprise as the reason for many of society’s problems. I see it as a path to take, if you choose to take it, to define excellence in your own life. Governments’ job is to make a level playing field so all can have the opportunity to prosper, not to pick and choose winners and losers.”

“Delaware was once a great manufacturing hub in this nation. Unfortunately manufacturing jobs here are now scarce. One reason for that may be because we possibly have the highest electricity rates in the Country! It is hard to attract new business here because the liberal policies of ‘green energy’ that makes our rates some of the most expensive in the world! My opponent has suggested we create a ‘manufacturing university’ to address the problem. We don’t need a manufacturing university. We need manufacturing jobs!”

Solution – “150 miles North of where I am sitting is one of the largest Marcellus shale deposits which can produce some of the cleanest natural gas in the world. With our surplus of natural gas in the US and with Delaware being a port state, we have a win – win situation. We can export that surplus natural gas to 300 million western Europeans that would greatly benefit from lower prices while simultaneously creating 5-10,000 jobs right here in Delaware.   Currently these Europeans are forced to pay exorbitant rates to Russia for their natural gas supplies. Putin is going unchallenged as he grows stronger from these natural gas revenues and continues to gobble up countries as we speak. Now this is a real job solution.”

Healthcare – “I am an opponent of the Affordable Care Act. It cannot be fixed any more than Frankenstein can become Fred Astaire by putting on dancing shoes.”

Solution – “I say repeal it in its entirety and go back to market based premiums. I am proposing a program called ‘Neighbor Health’. Many hard working Americans have lost their jobs in this economy and consequently their healthcare. Neighbor Health is voluntary program where a person, without insurance in the restored marketplace, who wants insurance, could earn it by voluntary work of 20-30 hours per month in his own community. This serves neighborhood needs and in return, if on chooses to take advantage of the program our government will pay for thier health insurance premiums. The result is both healthy neighbors and healthy neighborhoods.”

Federal Deficit – “We have to come to grips with the federal debt but we also have to address the annual deficit the government runs on. I’m talking about the cash advance the federal government gives itself every year to be paid back somewhere down the road. I’m not talking about cutting programs like Social Security, but rather the waste in Social Security, double payments and fraud. I’m talking about $700.00 toilet seats and 200 new limousines ordered by the federal government in the past two years. It is ruining the futures of our children and grand children.”

Solution – “The Penny Plan – This plan was first proposed by Connie Mack(R) in Florida. It is simply to cut one cent for each dollar spent per year in Washington. Very gradually in 6 – 8 years, natural tax revenue growth combined with this “one penny” spending discipline will zero the deficit. This is a mathematical certainty and easy for people at home to understand. Then Washington can go to work on the long-term debt. The Penny Plan would cause the government to cut waste, streamline, combine, prioritize and budget. Once the world sees we are serious about debt reduction, it may trigger foreign investors and new business back to America.”

Accountability – “Where is the accountability when our inexpensive power plants close due to over regulation, and in the wake of the more expensive ‘green energy’ alternatives? Why are there no questions from the media in regard to these expense projections being wildly ‘off’? “

Wade said he could talk about common core, our vets and much more but stated, “Here’s the bottom line. The biggest problem facing our country today is breach of trust. GOVERNMENT NO LONGER BELIEVES IN US. But WE DO believe in each other. When it comes right down to it, many of our differences are minimal and I believe it will be every day people that will turn our country around.   The future of our country is in danger right now.   All politics are not local but they are all personal. We need to be able to express ourselves and our government policies in a way that everyone can understand them and be able to discuss them at the dinner table. The Penny Plan, Neighbor Heath, Jobs all of what I am proposing can be understood by everyone.”

“My opponent will talk about government plans and Washington policies. I just talk about us.”

I asked Wade what was the one thing he wanted people to know about him.

He paused momentarily and then thoughtfully responded, “I do all this because I love my family. I don’t ‘need’ this in my life. I already have a job and a business card. I want my children and grandchildren and all the children of this country to have the same opportunities I had.”

It is perfectly clear we need to get Mr. Wade to Washington, and 99 more just like him.

You can catch the live televised debate between Kevin Wade and his opponent Chris Coons on CSPAN this coming Wednesday, October 15th at 8pm EST. Locals may also attend the debate at the University of Delaware but it is by admission ticket only. The event is free of charge but a ticket must be reserved ahead of time through the University. There is a 500-seat capacity.

You can learn more about Kevin Wade for US Senate and get involved with his campaign by contacting:

Find Kevin Wade on face book at:

Nancy Smith

Nancy Smith has been very active raising her family of six children and only in the past few years has she become active in politics beyond just the basics. She is a regular contributor on the Conservative Commando Radio Show. You can find Nancy on and on twitter @nancysjustright.

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