Movie Review: Left Behind with Nicolas Cage

2 out of 5 Stars by Holly Woodland

Directed by Vic Armstrong and based on the best selling Christian book series, I found Left Behind was best seen in the trailer only. Starring Nicolas Cage as Rayford Steele and Cassi Thompson as his daughter Chloe, it seems to be Hollywood’s version of trying to cash in on faith based films, but not having any passion beyond that. Nicolas Cage was sturdy throughout (if you can believe that) and Lea Thompson (as Irene Steele) was brief, but effective.

I felt as though the movie tiptoed through the plot trying not to offend anyone, anywhere at anytime for anything. The characters seemed stereotyped, without any depth or emotion for what was unfolding before them. Jordan Sparks as Shasta Carvell and William Ragsdale (as businessman Chris Smith) seemed to be the only believable performances throughout, but hindered by the mediocre performances around them.

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Moviegoers who are familiar with the novels will be disappointed and feel slightly insulted at this mundane Hollywood adaptation. For those of you interested in seeing the film, I would suggest the Kirk Cameron adaptations instead. However, if you still feel insistent, once again, the trailer (which is definitely worth the 2 stars) will have wrapped up this film adaptation nicely and save you the time and money of going to see it.

Holly Woodland

Holly Woodland is a native Californian who has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years. In 'real life' she is a working actress, author and now Holly Woodland, a Hollywood film critic. Holly began her acting career on the stages of New York and leading theaters across the country. Once gaining her professional theater credits, she moved back to Los Angeles where she appeared in several television series including: Weeds, Grey's Anatomy, and was a regular comedic sketch artist on Jay Leno's Tonight Show for several years. She has authored many live theatrical productions, which are currently running across the United States. Holly's travels both in this country and abroad gives her the perspective of what she feels real people want to see in entertainment, whether it be films of today or the glorious films of the past.

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