Michael Phelps – the DUI

PolitiChicks.comFirst of all, Olympic champion Michael Phelps is human. He is still a young man and an A-list athlete with raging hormones, testosterone, and attitude—all of which most successful athletes have. That’s why they are driven, to compete and to succeed.

In addition, Phelps does a lot of great things including giving to local charity. He is young and has had to grow up fast, including having to appear perfect in public. As a young man, he can’t even go to a party without someone videoing him on a cell phone – and I bet they’d video him on the toilet if they could!

Why is this happening? Because he’s famous. He’s Michael Phelps, winner of 22 Medals for the U.S.A. I’m sure people want to believe he is God but he was only 17 when he won his first medal and most teenagers are crazy. Phelps had to lock all his hormones in to succeed—and the public should be happy that he is actually a very normal dude. Part of growing up and learning as a young adult is to make mistakes.

One of my friends has a 10-year old son who aspires to be an Olympic swimmer. He thinks of Phelps as a hero and regarding the recent news, although my friend believes it was a obviously a dumb move, he still admires Phelps. Why not? He worked very hard to achieve his success and sacrificed most of his teen years.

So why penalize athlete Michael Phelps for making a mistake? Remember all the politicians who have had public problems, being arrested for drunk driving and/or worse (Marion Barry, Rosemary Lehmberg to name a few). They are still elected over and over again yet shouldn’t they be considered role models too?

I do hope Phelps has some “real” friends in his life and not just the ones that want to use him. Naïvely, even I had fake friends like this until they stomped on my heart… Live and learn and no regrets.

And to you Michael Phelps, the majority of us reasonable people out here are proud of you and want you to have a normal, happy life! Rock on!

Jin Ah Jin

Virginia PolitiChick Jin Ah Jin has been the lead in campaigns for many politicians, including Ken Cuccinelli for both State Senate and Attorney General and she was appointed the Honorary Chairman for the Fairfax County Asian American Coalition for the McCain/ Palin campaign. Jin also assists in local minority grassroots politics in her state of Virginia. She believes if we can elect and support good officials whose root is the care of their constituents, then we can change things. In her past, Jin worked as a volunteer fundraiser for Mercy Corps raising awareness and money for the health and poverty of women and children in North Korea. She was also a volunteer fundraiser for the Korean American Association of Greater Washington, D.C. area and led the Education Committee to teach English for newly arrived legal immigrants to the area. In conjunction, she worked with the office of former Congressman Thomas Davis, who took the lead on reforms in the welfare bill for legal immigrants. Jin was a former Vice President of Resources, board member and Fundraising Gala chair for the Korean American Coalition of Washington, D.C. in 2001. She was on the Scholarship Committee and the co-chair of the golf tournament fundraiser for the U.S. Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce 2003-2006. More importantly, Jin is the mother of 6 children. She says her passion for service is led through her children's eyes: "I want change for my children. I want them to have a future where their dreams can become reality and where they can succeed without prejudice."

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