Grassroots Effort To Fight Medical Kidnapping Of Baby Kathryn By UMC Children’s Hospital & CPS In Texas

PolitiChicks.comIn what appears to be an alarming trend, a three-month-old baby girl was seized by Child Protective Services and UMC Children’s Hospital in Lubbock, Texas, over a medical disagreement. It has now been three weeks since her devastated mother has been able to see and hold her baby. The once happy baby Kathyrn was despondent when her mom last saw her, because, at the core of their being, babies NEED their mothers. There is a grassroots effort that has begun to help push back against the system and hopefully #BringKatHome.

Kathryn Hughes was born via an emergency c-section, and there were complications. According to Health Impact News, she was born on June 9, 2014, with a rare genetic condition, called Pierre Robin Sequence, which typically includes a cleft soft palate.

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Increasingly, there seems to be a pattern of connections of children being abducted by hospitals with connections to genetic research studies, in collusion with CPS, such as the story of Justina Pelletier  with mitochondrial disorder, taken by Boston Children’s Hospital, and the two Deigel sisters, as recently reported by the PolitiChicks, at Phoenix Children’s Hospital. A number of similar cases are now coming to light as well.

During a hospital stay at UMC Children’s Hospital, on September 21, CPS and the hospital seized custody of baby Kathryn over a medical accusation which Lorie and her family say is simply not true.

For the first whole week after the medical kidnapping, the family was not permitted to see her, and since that time, they have only had one other visit. That was three weeks ago. For an infant, it might as well be forever.

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Terri LaPoint

Alabama PolitiChick Terri LaPoint is a passionate advocate for families and for pro-life issues. She writes for Medical Kidnap, a division of Health Impact News, working to reunite families and expose injustice that is destroying families all across America. She is a contributing author to the book, Medical Kidnapping: A Threat to Every Family in America. Terri is a regular guest on blogtalk radio programs which advocate for families, and she loves speaking to audiences of any size. Her first article to be published was entitled "Birth and Freedom" in Midwifery Today, which encourages and inspires women to fight for the Constitutional and God-given rights they already have. She was part of the early Tea Parties in Trussville, Alabama, and was involved with the Trust Birth movement from its beginning. Terri holds a B.S. in Cultural Anthropology/World Missions, with minors in Bible/Theology and Behavioral Science. After college, she trained as a midwife and breastfeeding educator. This broad experience has helped equip her for the work that she does now as a voice for so many who are voiceless. She has enjoyed being an extra in several movies. She is a mom with four wonderful children, and has been married to the love of her life for more than 25 years. She loves Jesus with all her heart, and she dares to believe that America is still worth fighting for. Follow Terri on Facebook and on Twitter: @TerriLaPoint

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