A Floridian Responds to “Global Warming Pause” (Aka Weather)

PolitiChicks.comFor the record, I am not a meteorologist. I do not even have a single college credit in the subject of weather. In fact, science is not my subject any which way around. Politics is.  However I am a native of South Florida hence, a Hurricane Maven and being a Hurricane Maven from Florida is not an anomaly. In fact, most Floridians and Snow Birds alike have a clue about hurricane season, here in the Deep South. I could easily write a hurricane preparedness list in my sleep and can map a storm with the best of them.

Growing up with the yearly hurricane scare has left me aware of two dependable denominators. Firstly, common sense and good supplies will get you safely through most any storm. Second, local weathermen are alarmists. Count on it.

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The first storm of my life blew in with Hurricane Betsy in 1960 when I was just a baby, but it had me howling back at the wind, leaving an eternal impression on my new mind. I have vivid recall, with all my five-year-old senses, when Hurricane Donna pummeled our neighborhood. I fondly remember eating Vienna sausages with Dad on the kitchen floor by the flicker of a candle’s flame, and my Mother fussing at him when he opened the back door in the still of Donna’s eye.

After the ‘all clear’ sign he took my older sister and me by the hand as we walked the neighborhood and watched the light start to peek through the dense gray clouds about us. The air smelled as clean as it was quiet. And I remember my Grandmaw telling the edge-gripping tale of a Category 4 storm in September of 1928. Her light eyes would turn deep blue while she described the thunderous sound of a train racing through her living room while glass windows popped all around, and she watched their glass door buckling.

The picture is very clear in my mind’s eye of my Father and son perched on the red roof of our family home with the wind and destruction of furious Hurricane Andrew as the backdrop. And I will never forget the many meals with family and neighbors as we barbequed all the contents of our thawed out freezers.

Today the reverberation of an approaching Hurricane sounds exactly as it did in 1965, with the electric drill of shutters being installed amongst the early warm gusts of feeder bans and hot Florida sunshine beaming down in eerie silence as the calm before the storm takes hold. Cars still overflow in the parking lots of Publix, Home Depot, and gas stations in a last-minute attempts to purchase hurricane supplies. And just like in 1965, most storms don’t last very long and deflect away from our coast, leaving us with a depleted cash flow, a pantry full of food, a full gas tank, and several Hurricane party invitations. (FYI, a Super Bowl party pales in comparison to a Florida Hurricane party, any day.)

All of this leads up to the fact that the wacky environmentalist nut jobs–the Green-Al Gore-Hollywood-Tree Hugger-types–are now in a panic. Since around 1997, they have been promising us that the world was coming to an end by way of bigger storms, assuring us that we were going to start experiencing horrific and catastrophic storms. The inconvenient truth is that Florida Hurricane seasons have had a nine-year silent streak and this is really making the Green People see red. Basically the Left has been spouting like Chicken Little for years that “the sky is falling”–but of course, it is not. It is 2014 and the sky is still intact. Chicken Little was wrong and so was Al Gore. They started to ever so regretfully acknowledge their grave miscalculations, including an article from UK Daily Mail entitled:

“World’s top climate scientists confess: Global warming is just QUARTER what we thought – and computers got the effects of greenhouse gases wrong.”  

In the article, scientists conceded that their computer models did not predict ‘global pauses’ (otherwise known as ‘significant weather changes’) and they also cannot explain why world average temperatures have not shown any statistically significant increase since 1997. 

Despite the facts disputing their climate claims, liberals never know when to leave well enough alone.  They also have a serious problem with their priority list, choosing to ignore that we are at war, have extreme terrorists dying to kill us, and 92 million unemployed Americans….

Rather than chalking up ‘Global Warming’ as a very expensive and misleading mistake, they have to make even bigger fools of themselves by alerting us of the precarious situation Floridians are in, because we have been “lucky” to go so many years without a storm. They now claim that too many hurricane-less years are dangerous for us.  They even have a name for it:  “Global Warming Pause.”


In Florida, we will do what we have always done.  We will buy our supplies, secure our property, and protect our family and pets when the next storm does come along. And eventually, one will. But what we won’t do is worry about the ridiculous nonsense that constantly sprays out of the Chicken Little liberal’s mouths.

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