What If I Don’t Want 6 Pack Abs?

PolitiChicks.comWhat if I don’t want to work out you say? What if the gym, weights, running- just aren’t my thing. What now? Does this mean you aren’t able to be fit and healthy?

Whether it’s because of physical limitations, mind blocks, attitude or plain lack of interest, physical fitness isn’t going to be apart of every person’s lifestyle. I get that.

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Now, to set the record straight, I am not advocating a sedentary lifestyle. Please don’t go around telling your friends I said it’s ok to sit on the sidelines. I strongly encourage everyone to get up and do something fun! Get your heart rate up, more around and use those muscles. Personally I love a challenge. I love to exert and push myself; I also love to dance and ride my bike. Point being is to find something you enjoy and get active.

6 Pack AbsSo what then? What happens to those that don’t want six pack abs? Has the train left them at the station? Not quite.  I’m here to spread a little hope. Building a healthy body begins with good nutrition.

The key is to focus on your nutritional needs. The human body is a miracle that was created to heal itself. Given the proper nutrients your body is capable of building strong lean muscle that in turn stimulates metabolism and fat loss.

Fueling your body with high quality food will most often result in increased energy and performance. Eating food containing good nutrition aides the body in healthy aging, which is what I’m excited to share with my clients.

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of requests for coaching. Perhaps it the fast approaching holiday season that has lit a fire in their seat to lose a few extra inches so they can fit into that LBD. Regardless of the reason, real results are attainable. It’s time to introduce you to the not so secret plan. With the right coaching, good products and a resolve to make a change we can help you achieve your goals! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn more about how to turn your health around.

Until next time!

Delia Michelle

California PolitiChick Delia Michelle shares her secrets to living a Strong Confident Life with the Politichick audience in her quick and easy to read articles that are sure to leave you inspired and encouraged. Delia is a dedicated home-schooling mother, wife to her high school sweetheart and lover of God and country. With a love for people, she shares tools and solutions that will surely equip you to walk empowered and purposefully. Fitness instructor, nutrition and health coach, business owner, mentor and writer; Delia and her husband are dedicated to reaching a world that is looking for hope. Visit her on Facebook and Hello_DeliaMichelle

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