Obama Has Little Patience For Our Border

PolitiChicks.comThen-Senator Obama assured President Bush the Secure Fence Act of 2006 was not only important, but also imperative immediately. So why the delay now? Political strategy? ISIS takes precedence? Whatever excuse suits your fancy works for me, just please know President Obama held this ball before, and fumbled.

The Secure Fence Act of 2006’s goal is to help secure America’s borders to decrease illegal entry, drug trafficking, and security threats by building 700 miles of physical barriers along the Mexico-United States border. Additionally, the law authorizes more vehicle barriers, checkpoints, and lighting as well as authorizes the Department of Homeland Security to increase the use of advanced technology like cameras, satellites, and unmanned aerial vehicles to reinforce infrastructure at the border. This exquisite hedge was approved and bankrolled by Congress with a whopping 1.2 billion. Sadly, if anyone would have consulted with experts, supporters of the bill, like Obama, would have been able to argue that 1.2 billion was 4.8 billion shy of the amount required to complete the project. Unfortunately, the fence was never finished, and with a Presidential campaign “moving forward” Senator Obama didn’t have the time to show much concern. There were a few hands in this pot, but the way POTUS swept the fence completion under the blue rug once in office is a head scratcher.

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

In 2011, President Obama declared the fence along the border was “basically complete”. Surprisingly, when I basically completed my work in school, I basically received a failing grade. When the bill was originally passed with its “one size fits all” concept, Department of Homeland Security argued the terrain should dictate which type of fence should be used in dissimilar areas. Quietly, alterations were made to the amendment in 2007, allowing wiggle room for DHS. Reps. Peter King, R-N.Y., and Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., complained the amendment was buzz a kill and will not keep our borders secure.

According to the President, DHS and Border Patrol has gone “above and beyond” for the Republicans asking for more. In actuality, the Republicans were only demanding the two-layered fence promised in the original Secure Fence Act of 2006 to be erected as promised. It was estimated that for every 1 person caught by Border Patrol, at least 2 people were snaking by the officers.

Let’s bypass the Fast & Furious scandal to 2014….

We currently have an immigration action delay that resulted in widespread reaction from across the country and the political spectrum. Both Hispanics and fellow liberals are disappointed with the President’s decision to delay action until post mid-term elections. Speaker John Boehner states, “There is a never a ‘right’ time for the president to declare amnesty by executive action, but the decision to simply delay this deeply-controversial and possibly unconstitutional unilateral action until after the election — instead of abandoning the idea altogether — smacks of raw politics”.

I have a few questions, and I can only assume you do as well. If the President knew in 2006 that our border was a crisis, why did he not address it properly in his first term? Why mock the Republicans asking for a sufficient fence when he originally requested the same? Was his threat to make a unilateral decision on immigration bogus? Does he even have a plan? Okay, maybe a I have more than a few questions.

Kimberly Klacik

District of Columbia Politichick Kimberly Klacik has a passion for politics. Once a democrat and President Obama supporter, Kimberly began to recognize the "land of the free" was slowly becoming the "land of the lost". As a nonprofit Founder/Executive Director headquartered in Baltimore, MD., Kimberly witnesses firsthand the misuse of government aid and the cultural crisis creating an economic disaster. Potential Me is an organization supporting women going into either the workforce, college, trade school, or the military. Kimberly spent most of her childhood in Accokeek, Maryland writing country music and reading a ton of fiction. From the hospitality industry to teaching gymnastics to preschoolers, Kimberly now considers herself a proficient people person. As a volunteer on Capitol Hill, Kimberly will converse with both members of Congress and their staff, on the record, in hopes of gaining some insight on what makes them tick.

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