Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hypocritical Stance on Fracking

PolitiChicks.comLeonardo DiCaprio will soon be releasing a series of environmentalist videos concerning climate change, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon. Democratic Incumbent Sen. Mark Udall’s (Colo.) wife, Maggie Fox, appeared in one of DiCaprio’s videos entitled “Carbon”, in which she called for a carbon tax. Fox is also the former president of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project.

DiCaprio takes this anti-fracking stance despite the fact that the Bureau of Land Management recently released a report “…that found little scientific evidence that fracking and similar extraction techniques are dangerous,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

In addition to Fox, the videos features Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), a self-described socialist; Joseph Romm, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, and Eamon Ryan, the leader of the Irish Green Party, as reported by the Free Beacon.

The Free Beacon reports that: “A dark animated robot represents the oil and gas industry, and is shown grabbing money from the ground, producing nothing but black smoke into the atmosphere.” DiCaprio attacks the oil and gas industry calling fossils fuels, black oil, coal and gas an “ancient menace”.

Not only does DiCaprio standby his anti-fracking position, despite the recent findings by the BLM, but his position is not only anti-fracking, but anti-jobs as well. “’What Maggie Fox endorses—and what is touted in the video—is a job-killing, zero benefit to the environment carbon tax that Australia just repealed this year because it did not work,” said Michael Sandoval, an energy policy analyst with the Colorado-based Independence Institute. “Increasing energy prices with a costly tax on carbon might satisfy the wishes of eco-extremists like Fox, but it only attacks small businesses, endangers low income residents, and reduces the number of good paying jobs in the economy,’” according to the Free Beacon.

Not only is there little evidence to support DiCaprio’s beliefs about the dangers of fracking, but his lifestyle contradicts his stated beliefs.

“Both DiCaprio and Gore’s environmental advocacy has been criticized as hypocritical, given their lavish lifestyles and large carbon footprints. DiCaprio throws parties on the 482-foot yacht owned by the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, which generates its wealth from oil. Gore has racked up $30,000 electricity bills,” as reported by the Free Beacon. The fact that DiCaprio and Gore do not ‘practice what they preach’ lends little credibility to their positions.

DiCaprio and Gore’s anti-fracking position has little credibility, due to not only the hypocrisy of his position, when one observes their lifestyles and the large carbon foot print that he leaves, but their refusal to accept the facts as recently reported by the BLM.

If the BLM report had come out supporting DiCaprio and Gore’s anti-fracking positions, then their hypocritical lifestyles would be a little easier to overlook. But their refusal to accept the facts, along with their lifestyles which contradict their positions, and the fact that the fracking, gas and oil industry would produce numerous jobs and boost the lagging economy especially in California, is inexcusable.

Katie Zehnder

Katie Zehnder is a senior a Regent University majoring in government. She is also a political commentator for The Federalist Papers and Assistant Editor of Red Millennial. https://www.facebook.com/TheKatieZehnder and on Twitter at @Kathzeh.

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