ISIS Declares War on the U.S.: “We will raise the flag of Allah on the Whitehouse.”

PolitiChicks.comIn early August, ISIS declared war on the United States of America. Vice News reported ISIS message given by the late Abu Mosa,

“I say to America that the Islamic Caliphate has been established. And we will not stop. Don’t be cowards and attack us with drones. Instead send your soldiers, the ones we humiliated in Iraq. We will humiliate them everywhere, God willing, and we will raise the flag of Allah in the Whitehouse.”

References to ISIS’s declaration of war cloaked in the raising of the flag of Allah in the Whitehouse was met at first by President Obama’s with an assertion that we are not at war with. While that decision has changed with the beheading of James Foley, the flag threat seems to lack a penetration into the American consciousness.

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Flags have significance in all countries. There are codes and protocols attached to them. While American citizens who’ve burned our flag have been tolerated, that does not negate the value or significance of our national flag, which our soldiers have shed blood, been maimed and killed defending what it stands for.

A national flag represents a nation’s values—its brand. When a nation is taken over by another regime or government, or when a nation divides as in civil wars, a different flag is raised. The flag of Germany, for example, was a tri-color of black-white-red under the German Empire. The Weimar Republic that followed adopted a black-red-gold tri-color. Nazi Germany returned to the black-white-red in the early 1930’s. The black-red-gold was reinstituted by the two successor states, the West Germany and East Germany following World War II.

When an American flag with President Obama’s image replaced the stars on our flag and flew over a Florida county’s Democrat headquarters, enraged local veterans spoke out and called the altered banner “a disgrace.” Fox News reported the veterans’ stated that when they fought for “the flag Betsy Ross made famous, not one with a politician on it.”

A general rule is the national flag should be “flown in the position of honor and not in an inferior (below, subordinate) position to any other flag.”

When a national flag is displayed together with any other flags on the same flagpole, it must be at the top. However, separate flagpoles are preferable in such instances.

On August 8, 2104 a threat was lodged to our nation by ISIS. The threat, captured on video, was intentionally shrouded in the symbolism of flags.

ISIS is an acronym for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Jonathan Spyer, Senior Research Fellow, Global Research in International Affairs Center notes, “The name reveals that the intentions of this organization are not focused on Syria alone, but rather that activity in Syria is intended as a beginning to further conquests elsewhere.”

President Obama has been calling these radical militants by the new name they’ve given themselves, ISIL. Allen West explains that by following the Obama administration referral of ISIS as ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) we acknowledge the redrafting of Middle East boundaries, no longer recognizing the existence of Israel and also Lebanon. In using ISIL you are then confirming the Islamic totalitarian and jihadist assertion that the modern day Jewish State of Israel is an occupation state and does not exist in the eyes of Muslims.

Like other states, ISIS has its own state flag. The black flag represents the ensign—identity of ISIS as an international blend of militants aligned for world domination with a mind-set ruled by radical Islam. They are murdering other Muslim tribes while declaring a caliphate.

The reports, “A caliphate is an Islamic state without territorial borders. It is led by a caliph, who is a political and religious leader who is considered a successor (caliph) to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. His Power and authority is absolute. Their declaration of war is on all who refuse to convert and submit.”

Blog reports the Arabic text seen on the Islamic State flag is Islamic creed (Shahada), “which translates to ‘testimony.’ The testimony confirms that Islam is a monotheistic religion and that Muhammad was its one true prophet.

According to Wikipedia, the Shahada directly translates to:

There is no god but God, Muhammad is the messenger of God.

ISIS, by stating they will fly the flag in the Whitehouse, they’ve declared their intention to overtake the United States of America. “

American patriots should have the same heart response to this warning as one of our veterans did who saw a Mexican flag hoisted above the U.S. flag in front of a business as he walked by as seen in the video below. We hear a lot about zero tolerance from the Left. It’s time the Right puts forth some zero tolerance rules as well. We can start here.

Pamela Anne

Pamela Anne is first a Christian, secondly a Constitutional Republic patriot living in one of the declining blue states that's been primarily governed by Democrats for numerous decades. (Hence, the decline.) As a newly defined right winger by the Leftist linguistics practitioners, she admits to promoting, through key stroke and pen: One nation under Almighty God of the Bible, Conservative values, Constitutional principles and the Judeo-Christian philosophy. Pamela's background is in communication skills development, leadership training, and business management. Several of Pamela's articles have been picked up by multiple political blogs and news sites. She can be found on Facebook.

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