Can You Force Someone to be Healthy?

PolitiChicks.comOver the past few years my father has been suffering from a growing list of health issues. It’s been the same cycle of events. He gets sick, loses weight, and says he’ll change his ways- he doesn’t. He returns to his old habits, gains weight, then gets sick again. After a few visits to the hospital I decided, “enough is enough”. I then commence to “strongly encourage” dear ol’ dad to allow me to coach him with a gentle nutritional plan. “Sure”, he says- but I know he doesn’t mean it. A few months go by and I begin to pray that God would change his heart; that he would get serious about his health. Finally, a spark; dad concedes and tells me he’ll follow my plan.

Here’s the spot we pause and do a little self-check. There are a few of you, I’m certain, that have had this same (or similar) experience. And oh, the anguish we feel as we watch a loved one struggle. Yet- aren’t we all guilty of this at some point in our lives?

What if we could pour our belief into their tank to serve as fuel that would propel our loved one toward their goal? Perhaps it’s as simple as believing in them; that they can most certainly make those changes that will result in a healthy life. Anyone is capable of achieving the most seemingly difficult task if they just can believe that they are capable of doing so.

From Black Hole Focus:

Belief is a powerful force. Believe either drives you forward or holds you back. Belief is also contagious.

I have super-imposed my belief onto my father. I have professed that he can achieve his goal. I have declared that he will succeed. The belief that he can achieve it turns into a conviction that shouts- I will achieve it!

Don’t think for a minute that this only applies to your loved one. This message is for anyone that struggles with the lack of belief in themselves. I know, because I too suffered from this deficiency (confessions of a recovering bulimic). So while dear ol’ dad has finally decided to take the next step toward improving his health, we need to work on strengthening the belief that stands behind it. And this we will do dear friends, because that’s what we do around here…we show the love of Christ at every turn. We invest in people.

Delia Michelle

California PolitiChick Delia Michelle shares her secrets to living a Strong Confident Life with the Politichick audience in her quick and easy to read articles that are sure to leave you inspired and encouraged. Delia is a dedicated home-schooling mother, wife to her high school sweetheart and lover of God and country. With a love for people, she shares tools and solutions that will surely equip you to walk empowered and purposefully. Fitness instructor, nutrition and health coach, business owner, mentor and writer; Delia and her husband are dedicated to reaching a world that is looking for hope. Visit her on Facebook and Hello_DeliaMichelle

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