Bob Beckel Calls Bachelorette “Slut”, Gets Accused of Being Republican!

PolitiChicks.comIf you’re like me and a fan of “The Five” on Fox News, you know that liberal co-host Bob Beckel sometimes puts his foot in his mouth. In mid-July, during a discussion about China, he referred to the Chinese people as “Chinamen.” While he’s not a fan of China, he didn’t mean it in a derogatory manner. My parents used it, it’s a generational thing. He apologized for the word but not the things he said about China itself. He recently said that one of the producers had distorted Hillary Clinton’s comments on Gaza (when she explained they put rockets in the schools cause it’s just such a small place) and said producer “Should be hung.” Eek! Just to show he’s been on a blooper bender lately, the day Snoop said he’d smoked weed in the White House, Bob admitted that he had as well!

Last Tuesday, “The Five” did a short segment of the ABC reality dating show, “The Bachelorette.” They reported that a former contestant went on TV and accused the Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, of leading him on by sleeping with him but then chose another man. Beckel, who implied he didn’t watch the show said, “She’s a slut!” The male co-hosts all laughed that uncomfortable, “Uh oh, he’s in trouble” nervous laugh. Co-host Andrea Tantaros rolled her eyes and snapped, “Are you kidding me right now?” Beckel went on, “I’m not kidding you. When she sleeps with somebody else and doesn’t tell the guy about it…” Tantaros continued, “Excuse me Bob. You probably sleep with a different woman every night!” Frustrated Beckel threw in, “This is where America has gone to!”

Cue the collective gasp followed by what I call “The Beckel Heckle,” when everyone at the table drops in with variations of; “Ohhhh, Bob!” “You’re in for it this time, Bob!” “Here we go again!” But seriously, you could tell he was getting hell from his producers in his earpiece and sure enough, as he often does, he apologized at the end of the show. “I want to apologize for a word I used in that Bachelorette segment, that woman who slept with two guys,” he said, throwing in, “Well, maybe it was more than two I don’t know.”

Everyone from People magazine to Huffington Post did an article about Beckel’s comment. By Saturday, Beckel did something he rarely does, he took to Twitter:

I give all this backstory just in case you didn’t know but the actual point I was trying to get to is that Bob the Liberal made the crazy Fox Haters come out of the woodwork in droves! The fact that the majority of them came out on the U.K. based Daily Mail would be more understandable except all but one or two were from the United States. The article doesn’t mention that Beckel is a liberal Democrat, on “The Five” to keep that whole “Fair and Balanced” thing going. Nope, the Fox Haters just know Beckel is an evil, white, Republican…and far worse according to some of them!

Check out these comments from the Daily Mail article, including one of the 10-plus comments from “ChampagneLib” who insists all of the folks on Fox News are actors (huh?)

I love this next group. The first one should get paid for finally discovering why the under 30 set vote Democrat. Should we hire Beckel to work for our side? I also love the one that claims questioning the morals of a woman who sleeps around isn’t very Christian-like. Well, Bob’s a liberal and a Christian (oh my), so she should take it up with him:

While I’m only showing one example, plenty of conservatives had a blast laughing at the rabid Fox Haters. Even more fun were the ones like “Ron” who offered up a little of Beckel’s background:

Now we hear from “Al”, the last remaining conservative in Chicago. Al makes a damn good point and personally, I think an explanation is

Finally, “Irishgracie” has us all figured out…all except

Going by those red arrow votes, I say she’s right, at least about the conservative part. OK, the white part too but I’m pulling a Lois Lerner on the fat part! Smart aleck Mississippian.

Margie Mars

Oregon PolitiChick Margie Mars is a Conservative-Libertarian, writer and parenting expert. Along with writing and designing graphics for PolitiChicks, she writes for several popular conservative and parenting websites such as Brenner Brief, Parenting, Examiner, Tavern Keepers, Parent Society, True Patriots For America and Attachment Parenting International. Margie writes as an expert on Attachment Parenting, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, child rearing and autism. Favorite political topics include the Tea Party, gun rights, the Constitution, Israel and border safety. In addition to writing she manages the social media accounts for two small businesses. Margie holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, certification in Special Needs Education and has taken courses in Legal Assisting and Political Science. In her spare time she enjoys reading political non-fiction and biographies, making jewelry, embroidery, painting and other crafts. Margie and her husband Rob have eight children (three on the autism spectrum); ages 9-27 (seven boys and one girl!) and three perfect grandchildren. You can follow Margie on Facebook: or on Twitter at: @Margie10

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