Murrieta Activists Evacuated by Operation Secure Our Border Militia Over Cartel Threat

August 5, 2014 UPDATE: has corrected/updated their press release–“Operation Secure Our Border” Militia Groups–and not Texas Citizen Militia–orchestrated the evacuation.   The title of this post has been changed to reflect this.

Just received the following press release regarding Murrieta, California convoy members who are currently driving across Texas to rally against illegal immigration.  According to Eric Odom,  the convoy was evacuated from a Van Horn Comfort Inn because Mexican cartel members were spotted by the Texas Citizen Militia.

SAN ANTONIO, TX ­ The National Border Convoy experienced a sudden and terrifying awakening at 4:30 AM Monday morning when heavily armed Texas Citizen Militia groups went door to door at the Van Horn, TX Comfort Inn demanding members immediately load up and prepare for full evacuation.

The sudden turn of events was unannounced and most convoy members didn’t even know Texas Citizen Militia groups were watching over them for their own protection. But thanks to the quick and decisive evacuation ordered by the Texas Citizen Militia groups, convoy members may very well have been protected from potentially dangerous and deadly outcomes.

“The first knock woke me up, but I didn’t realize what it was and went back to sleep. The second knock sent me to the door to find heavily armed individuals telling me I had ten minutes to be loaded up and ready to evacuate or be left behind,” said Eric Odom, a convoy organizer. “By the time I reached the parking lot there was widespread movement and cars were being lined up for immediate removal from the property.”

Texas Citizen Militia individuals made it clear they spotted multiple cartel members watching the hotel from surrounding areas. Militia immediately acted to evacuate the property of convoy vehicles and raced the convoy to an undisclosed location some 45 miles away.

While convoy members were initially rattled and concerned by the sudden move, the gravity of the threat was later realized and Militia involvement was met with widespread appreciation. Once the convoy reached its undisclosed location, county law enforcement officials arrived, confirming the cartel threat and escorting drivers safely out of the county.

Murrieta, CA resident Kim Johnson says, “This just further proves our suspicions about how dangerous U.S. territory is along the Mexico border. It’s a war zone where peaceful Americans simply aren’t safe.” Johnson went on to say, “The borders are wide open and dangerous individuals appear in full control of what happens on American soil.”

The National Border Convoy set out from Murrieta, CA on Saturday, August 2nd, and is currently preparing for a rally at Rick Perry’s office in Austin on Thursday, August 7th, before heading down to McAllen for several days of rallies and border related events.

More information can be found on the website at Contact Eric Odom at 312.282.9310 or [email protected]

Ann-Marie Murrell

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