Progressive “Good Intentions” or Detriment to America?

PolitiChicks.comProgressives in this country need to learn that being industrious does not constitute forcing public legislature, even if the decided benefits are of good intentions. Working political models do not require any particular Representative of Congress to designate what is appropriate for individuals, outside of basic governmental infrastructure with protection of our inalienable rights ordained in life. Our Forefathers were unhurried and simplistic in their meaning of Democracy and how our Nation should sustain itself. The simplistic part is what trips up Liberals and Progressives because we all know how they are alarmists, tend to exaggerate, twist facts, and over step their bounds. For one small example of Progressivism take Vice President Al Gore’s crusade on Global warming and for another, the current launch of Common Core education.

The difference between a Liberal and a Progressive is why they do what they do. A Liberal like Senator Hillary Clinton legislates to make sure that other people (aka the Crazy, White, Rich, Conservative, Christian, Heterosexuals who believe in Capitalism and free agency) do not get in the way of “equality”. Congressmen and women of the Democratic Party believe it is their privilege and duty as House of Representatives and State Senators to pass as many laws as possible to enforce their vision of fairness by implementing higher taxes, hence more control.

Progressives like President Bill Clinton and NY City Mayor Bloomberg want to legislate for the good of the people. They like to use Science and technology to produce the winds of change and legislature that stifling our choices because they…the Government know what’s best for us. They rush to protect us from ourselves because they believe the public at large is too stupid to make the right decisions for themselves, regarding just about anything from how to manage our finances to what size our portions of food should be.

The people that make up our voting demographics must be clear about law and its repercussion and the extreme relevance between action-cause-effect and the utter necessity in being a citizen, not a “low information voter.” Yes, I am proudly quoting Rush Limbaugh. History does and will repeat itself just as unproductive progressive policy making will undo a Nation every single time even if it is not an overnight process. Apply political science to the literal outcome of President Obama’s reign so far and it is not a pretty picture at all.

The Founding Fathers were men, simply men, conservative men. Yet the reputation of these men has risen to extraordinary heights with the passage of time because they were the complete and total opposite counterpart of Progressives. The designers of our Federal government had the forethought and contemplation then pondered and applied and drew knowledge from painstaking hours upon more to create guiding documents meant for the duration of time. As years gain in number for America, the depth of common sense, passion, wisdom and strength that are the words of the United States Constitution has thus far prevailed, remarkably. The proof is in the pudding so to speak with the lesser number of amendments to our Federal Constitution but Constitutions at the State level have not fared so well.

Our documents were written to guide citizens, not people–and then the Progressives enlightened us, oy vey.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it state that Government is to decide and legislate ‘for our own good’. In reality there are very few things that can be structured right or wrong with one fell swoop, for a Nation of individuals. With individual being the operative word here Liberals want to do away with individuality by creating a false identity of imposed ‘equality and for our own good because they always think they know best.

This past Fourth of July weekend I had opportunity to stand in line at the gas station while people were hustling around with the typical excitement of a long weekend. As I waited my turn it instantly became obvious I was next in line behind a blooming progressive in the making when all of a sudden the extremely polite young teenager in front of me waves his hand across the counter pointing towards the large display of cigarette and tobacco products and said “I don’t understand why they even sell cigarettes. It has been proven over and over they are bad for you.”

My political bone has a knee jerk reaction as I quickly smiled to respond to the young and friendly stranger telling him “I can answer that.”

“You are correct, cigarettes are not good for you in any way shape or form but this is America and we want to protect our freedom at every turn. There are countless dangers in this one little store alone and this is just a drop in the bucket.” Glancing down at what we both are purchasing I continue. “There are chemicals in this pack of gum and drink I am buying and sugar in the soda you have in your hand, neither of which are deemed good for us, like the cigarettes.” Looking behind me a new stranger joins the conversation adding “And I sure as heck know these donuts aren’t good for me but don’t try and take my bag” to which we all smile.

Of course my political science degree was jerking my chain and I went on.

“And besides young man, think about it. We elect people to represent us, but there are so very many of us and we each have completely separate and unique character, soul, personality and physical body. Our individual finger prints prove this point because no two are ever the same. So what happens is the more we make illegal… the less free we are. It is not up to the Government to forbid free citizens to buy cigarettes, limit the size of our big Gulp, amend our right to bear arms, tell us to wear a seatbelt or motorcycle helmet, demand we have a battery operated car and on and on.   Law is serious and not to be made on a conscience whim. It is up to individuals through their breeding, by their civility and social structure to conduct one’s own behavior. Just like you right now. Your parents obviously taught you to think; you have manners and are not afraid to speak up about something. Your folks have raised you.”

The young Utahan tilted his head and smiled. He got it.

It is the responsibility of parents to raise their babies into adulthood with the appropriate behavior and tools to survive the game of life with all its temptations and the sometimes negative pull of free will. Whether it be the outcome of too many supersized French fries or too many bottles of wine and not enough exercise, these personal choices in America need to remain…a freedom of choice.

Freedom without choice is the color gray. Gray all day every day and gray at night, every night. Freedom without opportunity is the color of gray for work and the color of gray for fun. Gray is the color of life from birth until the fading gray at death. Communism and Socialism paint your soul gray.

Progressives as they say ‘need to get a life’ and stay out of ours.

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