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PolitiChicks.comWhen Glenn Beck writes a book, it’s guaranteed to land on the New York Times Best Seller’s List and Conform is no different. Interestingly Beck’s books sell like crazy, Fox News is number one, conservative radio rules yet Barack Obama wins the elections…. Aside from these strange coincidences, it looks like things are changing with Common Core. Parents aren’t taking this one laying down and states are realizing that sticking with Common Core might not be worth it.

While I routinely defer anything about Common Core to our PolitiChicks Common Core experts like Macey France, Julia Seay, Karin Piper and Kathryn Porter, Glenn Beck’s upcoming event is something that all parents should be involved in. Homeschooling is fast becoming more common among conservative parents and many of these parents falsely believe that Common Core isn’t a problem they need to worry about.

Parents take notice: You are not protected from Common Core if you homeschool! Your state might not force homeschoolers to use it today, but they can and will probably try in the near future. In the current political environment, the rights of the people have taken a backseat to federal and state whims.

One of the blurbs from Conform says,

“There is no issue more important to America’s future than education. The fact that we’ve yielded control over it to powerful unions and ideologically driven elitists is inexcusable.”

Because it is an issue that is mostly being fought by parents of young children, a huge segment of the population isn’t getting involved. If Common Core isn’t stopped, there will be nothing we can do to stop our country from becoming a big New Marxist experiment.

If there’s any doubt about the importance of stopping this, here is a prime example of how the pushers of Common Core belittle parents and try to make it seem as if opponents are “right wing nutjobs”. Last November, a group of Oregon parents took their Jr. High-aged children out of their schools math class when they implemented Common Core. The kids attended all their other classes and were homeschooled for math. Students that had typically been “A” students came home with a “D” in the Common Core class.  A reporter from an Oregon TV station, KATU, tried to ask the school principal whether the Common Core standards were the best thing if families had to pull their kids out the math class because they were “so stressed and distraught.” A spokeswoman from the Hillsboro School District cut off the principal and claimed, “You don’t have to answer that, Rian. That’s an aggressive question.” And that is exactly how the government is framing the entire debate over Common Core: aggressive, stupid people who have no idea what’s best for their own children.

While every parent may not have all the answers, we do know that having the federal government involved in the education of our children has failed again and again.

On July 22nd at 8:00pm EST, Glenn Beck will present WE WILL NOT CONFORM in hundreds of local movie theaters across the country. The event will be live and experts like Michelle Malkin and David Barton will discuss “real, tangible strategies to wake up our friends and neighbors and make our voices heard.” Beck has used this model before but never has there been more interest and solidarity surrounding a specific topic like this. Fortunately, Beck has a knack for creating real-world solutions rather than whipping people into a frenzy of, “what now?”

From the website:

“To Common Core supporters who thought they would win through silence, this night will be a very loud wake-up call. If you are sick of the endless rhetoric, futile debates, and useless advice about changing the system at the ballot box, then WE WILL NOT CONFORM is the event you’ve been waiting for. This isn’t an evening about observing, it’s a chance to learn, share and engage with people as frustrated and motivated as you are. By the end of the night, the brainpower, experience, and passion of thousands of people from around the country will be captured in a comprehensive, unified plan of action distributed to all participants.”

For more information about WE WILL NOT CONFORM, please visit their website at To find the movie theater closest to you, check out For a head start on what Common Core is all about and what you can do, check out Glenn Beck’s book, Conform on sale at for $10.

Margie Mars

Oregon PolitiChick Margie Mars is a Conservative-Libertarian, writer and parenting expert. Along with writing and designing graphics for PolitiChicks, she writes for several popular conservative and parenting websites such as Brenner Brief, Parenting, Examiner, Tavern Keepers, Parent Society, True Patriots For America and Attachment Parenting International. Margie writes as an expert on Attachment Parenting, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, child rearing and autism. Favorite political topics include the Tea Party, gun rights, the Constitution, Israel and border safety. In addition to writing she manages the social media accounts for two small businesses. Margie holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, certification in Special Needs Education and has taken courses in Legal Assisting and Political Science. In her spare time she enjoys reading political non-fiction and biographies, making jewelry, embroidery, painting and other crafts. Margie and her husband Rob have eight children (three on the autism spectrum); ages 9-27 (seven boys and one girl!) and three perfect grandchildren. You can follow Margie on Facebook: or on Twitter at: @Margie10

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