Government Cover-up: Nurse says “They’re going to crush the system. We can’t sustain this.”

Jeff Schwilk, spokesman for San Diegans for Secure Borders Coalition, tells PolitiChicks, that his Border Patrol Agent sources report nearly 25% of the illegal immigrants on the first three flights from the border into San Diego were carriers of contagious diseases. About 100 out of 420 illegal aliens have active scabies. There are reports of coughing up of blood, lice, and fevers, all indicative of disease, sickness, or infection.

His sources indicate that the medical screeners are not able to use the same protocol followed when processing legal immigrants due to the system overload. There are no legitimate quarantine quarters or required clearances due to the massive numbers of illegal aliens coming into Texas. Some treatment is rendered and then they are released into the general population, transferred by plane or bus to their destinations.

Schwilk tells PolitiChicks that a 6th Border Patrol Agent has contracted scabies. Medical staff and the Border Patrol Agents are the first line responders, and as such are subjected to the health issues themselves. They are doing the best that they can but the situation is overwhelming.

Schwilk is just one activist reporting what could be called a government engineered occupation of America by third world illegal immigrants, putting our national health at risk. Reports are flooding the internet media supporting his information.

Government suppression of the health crisis is being leaked. Border medical personnel have been threatened with arrest by those being referred to as the “Brown Shirts”. Todd Starnes reports, “These government-contracted security forces have threatened to arrest doctors and nurses if they disclose any information about the contagion threat looming at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. . .” One counselor said the workers were “stripped of their cellphones and other communication devices. Anyone caught with a phone was immediately fired.” Both a counselor and nurse said their supervisors were attempting to cover up the extent of the illnesses. Lice are at an epidemic proportion. Workers are warned not to use the term “scabies”. One counselor reported the facility resembles a giant emergency room—“off limits to the public”. Another nurse observed, “They’re going to crush the system. We can’t sustain this. They are overwhelming the system. I think it’s a travesty.”

A Texas-based agency formerly known as Baptist Child & Family, now as BCFS, have been contracted to run camps at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio and Fort Sill in Oklahoma. According to BCFS, over 7,000 children have been processed through the two camps. They report that, contend, “only 119 children have been treated for lice, 22 for scabies, and one for the H1N1 Flu. BCFS says the most common illnesses seen at Lackland are fever, headache, upper respiratory cold and ingrown toenails. Numbers of illnesses vary between officials and nurses. TB is suspected but officials say that is not unusual.” However, Todd Starnes reports that. “at least a half dozen anonymous sources, including nurses and health care providers who worked at Lackland, allege that the government is covering up what they believe to be a very serious health threat.” Dr. Marc Siegel, a professor of medicine at New York University’s Langone Medical Center and a Fox News A Team medical contributor, said, “Tuberculosis appears to be spreading through several counties in southern Texas.” He told Starnes, “that some counties are reporting twice the usual average number of cases. Some of the tuberculosis that comes from Central America is drug resistant. It’s not easier to spread but it is harder to treat. I’m concerned about that.”

Another gag order was given to a California Border Patrol union representative. “Ron Zermeno told ABC 10 San Diego that he has been placed under a gag order in an attempt to avoid negative news about the state of the southern border from getting out to the public. Zermeno said that the order was designed to prevent him from saying that no agents will be securing the southern border.”

Pamela Anne

Pamela Anne is first a Christian, secondly a Constitutional Republic patriot living in one of the declining blue states that's been primarily governed by Democrats for numerous decades. (Hence, the decline.) As a newly defined right winger by the Leftist linguistics practitioners, she admits to promoting, through key stroke and pen: One nation under Almighty God of the Bible, Conservative values, Constitutional principles and the Judeo-Christian philosophy. Pamela's background is in communication skills development, leadership training, and business management. Several of Pamela's articles have been picked up by multiple political blogs and news sites. She can be found on Facebook.

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