A Frustrated PolitiChick’s Letter to the Nat’l Organization of (Some) Women

PolitiChicks.comDear National Organization of Women (N.O.W.),

I felt it necessary to write to your organization because you consistently announce in media interviews that your organization represents “all women”.

I want to correct that misstatement on my behalf by telling you that although I am a woman, you do not speak for me. As a matter of fact I would go one step further to tell you that your organization has never spoken for me as a woman.

Therefore, I would like to request that you change your name to N.O.S.W. or National Organization of Some Women.

While I admit it’s not as catchy as N.O.W., your organization only caters to a small group of women who believe government is the answer to everything and represents women who take feminism to a radical level—aka liberal or progressive women. Perhaps you could come up with another acronym to include just that group—like National Organization for Radical Progressive Women (N.O.R.P.W.); at least that would be a more accurate portrayal of the women you actually represent.

On MSNBC this week (which by the way is a wonderful choice for your group to appear since their small viewership appreciates your radical views), you equated the recent Supreme Court decision on Hobby Lobby as comparable to Jim Crow laws and Apartheid. You also went so far as to suggest that the “five men on the Supreme Court took away a woman’s right for basic health care”.

All those statements are flat out lies. Basic healthcare is still available to women; it has been for many, many years and will continue to be that way for many more. Unfortunately, progressives (like your group) continue to rewrite history in order to sell your ideology to the uninformed—and this does a disservice to the individuals who sacrificed greatly throughout time.

I would also like to request that in future media interviews–whether in print or on cable and before speeches, protests, etc.–that you begin your segment with this disclaimer:

“I represent an organization called National Organization for Some Women (N.O.S.W.) but we do not represent the views of all women; only a certain number of women who think Government is the answer and view men as dogs.”

This would be a much better characterization of your group, and while it is a bit long-winded for an introduction, it would be a more sincere way to begin spewing your ideology.

Unlike your organization, I am only speaking for myself in this letter and would never go so far as to suggest I have the authority to speak for the entire sexual orientation of half the human race. I respectfully hope you will do the same.


Michele Holt

Conservative, Christian, Mother, Woman and PolitiChick

Michele Toth

South Carolina PolitiChick Michele Toth served as producer and co-host of a popular Fox News affiliate station WNRR1380 and still fills in regularly as guest host for the Austin Rhodes Show on WGAC 95.1 FM in Augusta, Ga. Michele has interviewed such guests as Ambassador John Bolton, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Economist Peter Schift, and many more. Michele also has assisted as a social media strategist for political campaigns in both South Carolina and Georgia. Michele holds a Masters Degree in Management and Leadership and currently works as an Administrator for a large healthcare entity in Augusta, Georgia. Her articles have been seen on the Daily Caller and several other conservative media sites. You can follow Michele on Facebook and also on Twitter @mychel and see more of her writing/articles on her website chelholt.com.

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