Common Core Indoctrination: Control the Children, Control the Nation

PolitiChicks.comMany conservatives make references in regards to how our country is becoming less of a constitutional republic each day. This is made apparent by the way our federal government has worked to interfere with education. Most Americans who pick up a paper are aware of Common Core and what it consists of. Parents of children who are fighting against having their children taught under a common core program know what it is by first hand experience. The teachers who have stood up against teaching Common Core understand the political gravity of this education system. Yet, how many Americans know why the government is pushing a system that manipulates historical facts into popular opinion, fidgets with the way math has been proven to have been solved, and takes away critical thinking skills for children.

The answer lies within the confines of pushing more government on ‘we the people’, through our very own education system. This is not new as history has shown a similar pattern taking place in the past with Hitler and the infiltration of the Nazi ideology into German school systems. As our country takes on ObamaCare, Common Core, and new gun regulations by the day, are we on a slippery slope to a new form of Nazism but in our very own country? By allowing common core into our education system, we are permitting our youth to be indoctrinated with a socialist-progressive liberal agenda,the first amendment to freedom of speech is being stifled, and we are building the future for sub par educated students that will allow them to be manipulated by government agenda and propaganda as adults.

Hitler is primarily known for his slaughter of the Jews and his attempt to develop an Ayrian race. However, Rome was not built in a day and neither was Hitler’s army or the power he had over Germany. With the use of indoctrination and manipulation, he infiltrated the elementary schools with his ideology that pushed his agenda.  The History Place, A Prelude to War describes this infiltration began in the schools and how it resulted in lowered education among German graduates. This writing goes on to describe how ‘history was rewritten to place emphasis on Nazi themes of racial struggle’.

Sound familiar? It should since one of the most detrimental things Common Core is becoming renowned for is rewriting of historical events as it pertains to the constitution and our forefathers.

In September of 2013, The Blaze reported a school in Texas using a book that rewrote the 2nd Amendment from the U.S. ratified definition of “ A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed” to a rewritten text book version saying “ The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia”. Just as Hitler infiltrated Jewish racism amongst elementary kids to push his anti-Semitic agenda, the gun control views of Barrack Obama have been infiltrated into our elementary schools of present day to help push a liberal anti gun control agenda. If our children aren’t being taught their freedoms by a government-based curriculum, then it is evident that government has every intention of taking our liberties and pushing us towards a future dictatorship.

Another disturbing parallel to Hitler’s indoctrination was the fear held by teachers. During the time Hitler’s control over his country’s education curriculum, teachers feared for more than their jobs, they feared being put in a concentration camp according to the research found in The History Place: A Prelude to War. The fear of teachers losing their jobs is a fear held by many educators today. While some have braved the political storm and spoken out against common core many other teachers have continued to remain silent.

The Blaze reported in January of this year how a superintendent laid out nothing short of a threat to his the teachers of Petal School District in Mississippi ‘if they were against Common Core’. Breitbart reported a brave kindergarten teacher Susan Kimball reached out to her Senator in Missouri to describe the mistreatment she has been given since she made the decision speak out against common core in her school district.

During Hitler’s Nazi indoctrination, teachers were made to swear an oath of allegiance to Hitler that they would teach within the framework of Nazi “ideas and values”(The Holocaust Explained). How is this suppression of the first amendment and threats by superintendents any different than the teachers swearing to uphold Nazi ideology? The scary truth is it’s more parallel than different and the future of our youth’s education is reliant on those brave enough to push past the threats in the political arena of an over reaching government.

With history being rewritten and teachers being forced to suppress their first amendment, where does that leave the education standard? More importantly, why would the greatest country want to endorse losing the great intellectual minds the future of this country needs to prosper? The answer is scary but simple. The less people think for themselves the easier it is for corrupt politicians to manipulate the laws they swore an oath to uphold. Restrictive governmental and political figures (RINOS and Liberals) rely on lower educated citizens who don’t know the constitution which allows for the law to be manipulated for political gain. Dictatorship history is littered with lowering of education standards to help push particular leaders agenda and propaganda to secure a place in power. If one does cannot think critically for themselves and does not know the law then one cannot be in opposition to what is right in regards to the law. This gives our politicians free reign over the people, less opposition to government control, and allows for manipulation of governmental powers over the very people who the laws of the constitution were written for.

While I have successful conservative friends who have not been hindered by a common core education, I fear such cases are more the exception than the rule. The teachers speaking out against common core are sending this country a red flag. Common Core is yet another slippery slope that is moving us away from a constitutional republic, to a more restrictive government. This will potentially lead to a loss in liberty and a dictatorship. While at one time this possibility seemed unfathomable in a nation originally designed to obstruct tyranny, we are now finding ourselves simmering in a pot of government control and will wake up one day to find ourselves boiling in a dictatorship without our liberties. Now is the time to act and work towards getting Common Core out of our school systems. If Oklahoma can get this curriculum overturned, then the rest of the United States does not have an excuse to not attempt the same at freeing our education system of Common Core.

Nicola Vandiver

Nicola Vandiver resides in South Florida where she works for an airline full time, travels, and practices photography.

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