PolitiChicks.comOpen American borders; Violence created by a few on generations of American children.

It’s has to be some type of crime for what has occurred to generations of American children by such a small group of individuals over political views. Money has never been a problem to create solutions for American children; trillions have been spent on the inner cities of America and rural America that haven’t created any real long-term results. The results that have been created as I read in the news this week is 100% unacceptable. Chicago has had another 40 people killed to include an innocent little girl, Oklahoma City is now considered the ‘The drug crossroads of America’ leading straight into Chicago, and rural America (including Pennsylvania) is on the way.

Drugs, guns, gangs and sex trafficking can be contributed to open borders and is considered a major root cause of the inner city and rural America crime, violence and deaths. It doesn’t matter how much money is spent to help American children when the southern border is wide open allowing drugs, guns, gang members and sex trafficking to continue 24/7.

You must ask; who’s making money from the borders being open?

Gang violence and terrorists are not new topics associated with American borders; it’s always been part of American society and always will be but the amount of violence and growth of the system is alarming within all parts of American society.

It is stupid to think that American children don’t deserve a National Security policy for American borders and it’s unacceptable and un-American for politicians that make decisions based on political party affiliations and not American children’s security. The biggest campaign issue for many this year seems to be ‘Hobby Lobby’ and birth control availability (yes, the subject goes deeper for some).

Really? While we have American children dying on American streets in part because there is NO National Security enforcement for American borders.

Senator Jeff Merkley and Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici are perfect examples of leadership gone sideways. Both are so focused on one of America’s Fortune 500 ‘private’ organizations, a company that pays their full-time employees $14.00 an hour, offers world-class benefits (offering 16- 20 birth control methods), and plans on growing to even create more jobs instead of focusing their attention on their #1 Job: National Security.

PolitiChicks.comFrom Senator Jeff Merkley’s Facebook page on July 16:

“The national Republicans just blocked our legislation to undo the harmful effects of the Supreme Court’s horrible Hobby Lobby ruling, which jeopardizes women’s access to birth control. But we won’t give up without a fight. SHARE this if you’re with me.”

Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici’s Facebook Post on July 16:

“I’m disappointed that a bill to undo the Supreme Court’s #HobbyLobby ruling was blocked today in the Senate. Your boss should not decide what kind of contraception your insurance can cover #NotMyBossBusiness”

Have generations of American children let down by dysfunctional American Politicians? Are American politicians clearly unaware of the situation? It’s been escalating steadily for years:

1988: “The message the Senate vote conveys — that Mexico is not “fully cooperating” with U.S. antidrug activities — is far from the truth and is a continuation, at least symbolically, of the historical trend of unfair dealings with Mexico.”

1997: “Seven leaders of the Gangster Disciples street gang were found guilty Friday of a drug conspiracy that prosecutors said raked in $ 100 million a year” Hoover (1997 St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Inc.)

2005: “As a result of the continuous flow of undocumented migrants crossing porous U.S. borders and the improved global transportation and communications networks, violent youth gangs continue to grow in number and size and continue to expand their illegal activities.”

Do Americans have the leadership that deal with the current and anticipate future needs of the American National Security issues at home?

No. #CloseDownTheBorder!

Dr. Jacqueline Lang

Oklahoma PolitiChick Dr. Jacqueline Lang is a devoted mother, business and academic professional. She has worked for many years in many different roles including years in leadership roles in management, in the manufacturing, and service industries. She has worked for Fortune 50, Fortune 500, and Private organizations throughout the U.S. and as a U.S. Congressional Campaign Manager. She has also has served 8 years in the United States Army Reserves. Her education includes a PhD Business, MBA and BA in Communication, along with course work in environmental safety training and executive coaching. Visit Jacqueline's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DrJacquelineLang

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