Ann-Marie on WND: “Is Murrieta a town full of evil racists?”

PolitiChicks.comWith my recent writing gig for WND, I knew I had to write about the Murrieta protests in some way.  PolitiChick writers Beth Baumann and Lainie Sloane were on the “front lines” in Murrieta and I was writing based on leads being sent to me.

Originally I wrote a piece called ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers 2014:  Same Story but Different Aliens”.  It was an attempt at humor and I actually sent it to my editor.  But last night I received a tweet from a Huffington Post blogger asking me to watch her video about the protests–and I knew I had to change course.  (I might still publish my Body Snatcher article either with WND or here on PolitiChicks, so stay tuned.)

Here’s a snippet from my WND article addressing many of the HuffPo blogger’s claims:

First, HuffPo blogger (or HPB for short) claims the illegals are “primarily from Central America” and are trying to “escape the ceaseless violence of their home countries, young boys who are hoping to escape a life of gang recruitment, and young girls hoping to escape sexual violence usually from gangs as well.”

Regarding where the illegals came from and why they are suddenly being shipped to America, former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson questions why only certain violent countries were chosen over others. Attkisson writes:

“Who or what is behind this apparent, suddenly organized effort? It’s hard to argue that there was a more violent time than when the Medillin drug cartel and Pablo Escobar ruled Colombia in the 1980s, yet were there similar reports of a giant influx of unaccompanied Colombian children at the border? The violence in some Mexican cities, such as Juarez, has reached a peak this decade – yet Mexico isn’t on the list of the top three countries sending unaccompanied children into the U.S.”

In fact, Attkisson suggests that instead of “saving children” from gang recruitment, the Central American drug cartel may be responsible for this influx.

“If the Daily Beast is correct about the drug cartels’ involvement in the trafficking, then … the U.S. is inadvertently serving the profit motives of the violent cartels and human traffickers, feeding the businesses of those who are moving the kids, helping them create a bigger market, more demand and higher prices.”

What I didn’t write about was another part of her video in which she ridiculed conservatives–specifically women conservatives like myself–for calling ourselves “patriots” which she points out is a derivative of the Greek word ‘patriṓtēs’ which means ‘fellow countrymen’.  She was insulted that we use a terminology based on the word “men” because we didn’t get to vote until 1920. And no, I am not making this up.

Read the rest of my WND article at

Ann-Marie Murrell

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