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PolitiChicks.comKendall Jones is an active hunter, a cheerleader, and an animal lover. She is also the victim of liberal-progressive politics at its worst. She pays to go to advanced hunts and the money she pays goes towards the conservation efforts for these animals. The meats from the animals she hunts goes to feed the villages. But after posting pictures of exotic animals she had hunted on her personal Facebook wall, which is now been changed to a public figure page, she was reported for posting animal cruelty. She was forced to take her photos down from her own wall based on what other people didn’t like. She has been attacked vocally by animal rights activists in response to a trip to Africa where she hunted these exotic animals that are not endangered. Yet, as these words are being typed, the Kill Kendall Jones community page is still allowed to stay on Facebook. In the liberal world, where the real war on women is created, the right to defend your first amendment is only valid if it fits a liberal progressive agenda. At nineteen years old, this cheerleader for Texas Tech is feeling the heat of the liberal media but the media has a rude awakening if they think she is going to back down.Speaking out and standing up for herself has brought much support for Kendall Jones from the patriots of this country.
As I have watched the story unfold, I have come to realize there is more the liberal-progressives don’t like about Kendall Jones then her avid hunting skills. This consclusion is also supported by and aritcle in the American Thinker thats asks the same thing. It is my opinion that this new found liberal hate represents everything they stand against. She is an All-American girl who didn’t back down from the liberal anarchy. Yet it is her suburb use of a firearm, the way she held fast to her first and second amendment constitutional rights, and how she has broken the liberal representation of a what a woman should be, are reasons why liberals loathe this Texan.

Over the years, liberals have fought hard to do everything they can to ban firearms. Some of the most liberal states have the strictest firearm regulations (as well as the highest crime rates). In the mind of a liberal, anyone who uses a gun is a bad guy. And Kendall Jones knows how to use a gun. She doesn’t use guns to rob people nor does she use it for drug related crimes. She uses her gunman skills to hunt animals in a conservation effort. She gives the meats to the villages where she hunts. Yet the liberals, who rejoice in the right for women to have abortions and kill fetuses, cannot accept a woman who hunts and kills wild animals They cannot see past her using a gun and shooting something they see as Bambis or The Cowardly Lion characters. They ignore the fact that she has raised orphaned wild animals she has found and has forty pet dogs she dotes on lovingly. She is the anti thesis to what the liberal women represents. One who loves her second amendment rights and one who will fight to make sure they are not infringed upon by the hateful voices of her adversaries.

What is the typical liberal woman? The image that has been created in my mind and is supported daily in our media isn’t pretty. Today’s liberal woman is the female working to gain more liberal rights while working to take rights the rights of conservative women away. Instead of pushing women towards greater advancement in our country, the liberal woman is only achievement making us more helpless and more dependent on government control. Kendall Jones is everything that the liberal woman isn’t. Bold, adventurous, and not helpless in any fashion. She breaks the rules the liberals have created for women of today to follow. She has stood up to the haters and shows herself resilient in the light of harsh criticism. Kendall Jones might very well be the next Sarah Palin who was also attacked for her strong ideals and not backing down to a merciless liberal crowd.

Two of the strongest constitutional rights that are at risk in today’s republic are the first two amendments; freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. It is a light at the end of the tunnel to see younger generations standing up for their constitutional rights and not backing down to a brainwashed crowd. Kendall Jones has stood up for both. Her use of a firearm came under attack by PETA and liberal gun control fanatics after posting her prize images. She fought for her right to express her views on her wall by trying to keep the photos of her animals up. She lost the fight to keep her pictures on her wall yet liberals who created hate pages about her were allowed to keep their pages up. Since then Kendall has created a public figure page supported by many followers, including myself. By keeping her first amendment right alive she is working towards educating people on what being a conservationist hunter is all about. In addition to her hunting pieces she also shows off the beautiful orphaned animals that she has raised on her own. Her first amendment battle to keep the pictures on her wall might have been lost but she is winning the war as she continues to keep her freedom of speech with posts of educating the uneducated on what it is like to be a hunter, an animal lover, and a young spirited woman.

It is not likely the left will learn anything from her page and she will continue to battle vicious criticism. While the battle of Kendall Jones might seem trivial in comparison to other current events, it is more important than it appears. Her battle shows the fight for our constitutional rights rages on. If the youth of our country are fighting to keep their rights then we are giving they understand the true voice of freedom and what it takes to keep our liberties. Now is not the time to be silent. If a girl of nineteen can voice her rights to keep her amendments, then that leaves no room from complacency from the adults that live in this country.

Nicola Vandiver

Nicola Vandiver resides in South Florida where she works for an airline full time, travels, and practices photography.

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