Hillary Clinton & Her Checkered Past of “Human Rights”

PolitiChicks.comIf actions speak louder than words, Hillary Clinton’s attempt to be a human rights activist screams hypocrisy. Hillary’s awe of Margaret Sanger speaks volumes about her inner most views on civil rights, her distasteful way of blaming a young preteen of bringing on a rape by her own means while defending the man who raped her, and her flippant views on homosexual marriage through the years all contrast what she has been renowned to stand for.

A human rights activist is one who has a hard core belief that injustices have occurred in any particular group of society and want to work to help gain the freedoms that particular groups are assumed to being denied by society and law. Martin Luther King was an activist for the African American community when the African American needed freedoms, Susan B. Anthony was an activist for women’s sufferage when women first needed a voice, and the homosexual community has the LGBT to help them work towards more rights. Hillary Clinton in an attempt to emulate some of history’s strongest vocies has shown through the years her attempts at human and civil rights is a carpet bagging effort to get nothing more than political favor.

In 1975, Hillary took on a case in which she defended an alleged rapist of a twelve year old pre-teen. In late June, The Washington Free Beacon unearthed tapes of Hillary bragging of her clients guilt and how she was able to get the alleged rapist off with a very minimal sentence. In these recordings found by the Washington Free Beacon, she is heard chuckling and making jokes. However, the the young preteen female victim who is now an adult, did not find it a joke or laughing matter. She has come out and spoken against Hillary for the way that she was treated during the trial in an interview by the Daily Beast. Being accused of being unstable and from a dysfunctional family, victimized the female and made to feel it was her fault. The young girl was left traumatized after the trial. It is one thing to defend your client to the best of your legal ability, but it takes on an anti-feminist frame of mind when the the a rape victim is accused of “asking for it”. The Beacon describes Hillary defending her actions by justifying she was a young lawyer and needed the experience and even explains the case led her to work at a rape line. But when activists want to lead the world to help a particular group to be free of the bonds that are supposed to enslave them, that belief system is built early in their lives and at twenty-seven Hillary Clinton made a young preteen feel that she asked to be raped. Not the prime thing any female would want to hear their lead woman activist say at any point in a career.

In another area of human rights, Hillary is shown to be flippant in her stance on gay rights and an avid supporter of gay marriages. Fox News reported in an article that in 2008, she along with other presidential candidates, were opposed to same sex marriage. Going either further back to the nineties Fox News recounts how her husband Bill Clinton has signed the Defense of Marriage Act, which was a law that defined marriage was a union between a man and a woman, and therefore denied particular marriage benefits to gay couples. So where were her principles at that the time her husband signed that act in the 90’s? Where was her equal rights voice when she and Barrack Obama were running in 2008? Again we have someone who has built the facade of being an activist when her past actions clearly show that she is not interested advocating equal rights, and shows she is more interested in gaining political ground from the people who have chosen her to be their voice. Her past actions belie her present words and show her not a an  activist but a woman with unscrupulous motives to gain political ground.

Margaret Sanger was known for her contribution to the birth of Planned Parenthood and her fight for women to have abortions legally has made her a woman liberals look up to.This was a woman whose true motive behind Planned Parenthood was to put into action her ideology for Eugenics and Genocide of the African American race. According to an article in The Weekly Standard Hillary Clinton stands in awe of woman who was quoted in a letter saying “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.” This woman was rumored to have connections with the KKK and other groups who funded this ideology. The fact that Hillary Clinton supports an ideology that threatened to take out a race through a genocide contradicts her claim to be ‘ an advocate for civil rights around the world’ in a published interview from On The Issues.

Conservatives have been branded as women haters by the media and women liberation groups for many years. Republican politicians such as Mitt Romney and Tea Partier Sarah Palin have been used by Democrats to keep the war on women alive, they along with other conservative politicians, have been labeled as anti-feminists among mainstream politics. While untrue on many levels, the Democrats have taken this and helped to breed a feminine hate from many progressive voters toward conservative politicians. It appears that when it comes to women’s rights and keeping women from being pushed back to pre-bra burning times, it is the liberal’s main leader Hillary Clinton who keeps having to defend her past actions against her present voice for equal rights.

Nicola Vandiver

Nicola Vandiver resides in South Florida where she works for an airline full time, travels, and practices photography.

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