Starbucks: Turning Baristas into Stars…With Your Bucks

PolitiChicksCorporations are horrible…they’re only in it for the money. It’s the classic phrase you’ll hear from Liberals. They make every effort to discredit anyone who makes money and, shockingly, wants to keep it. Today, those same Liberals are probably baffled by Starbucks’ newly found partnership with Arizona State University.

Starbucks will provide (and pay for) their employees – all 135,000 of them – to attend ASU’s online undergraduate university. The only requirement? Their employees have to have the GPA and test scores to be accepted into the university and work a minimum of 20 hours a week. Employees that have at least two years of college credit will receive 100% of their tuition paid for. Those that don’t quite have the two years will still receive part of their tuition covered.

When I read about this partnership this morning, I was thrilled. No scratch that. I was ecstatic for these young people. If anyone were willing to pay for even a portion of my college education in school, I would have jumped at the chance. Instead, I did what most college kids these days have to do – work multiple jobs, take out a crippling amount of student loans and pray that I find a job after college (which still has yet to happen.)

Not only do these Baristas get their college paid for, but they’re also attending a great college. ASU is a world-renounced school, one of the best in the nation (and my alma maters biggest rival). Their alumni have connections in a number of industries throughout the world and a proven track record of success.

What makes this opportunity so great? Baristas, those who are already working, many of whom are college students, can continue their schooling but they’re able to keep more of their money in their pocket. They don’t have to worry about how they’re going to pay for college. All they have to do is make the grades and continue making awesome coffee!

Bravo, Starbucks! You have made me happy! Not only are you making a bold move by investing in the next generation, you’re also proving that the people who run a corporation aren’t completely heartless.

Now I shall rejoice with a Frappuccino!

Beth Baumann

Beth Baumann is a California native, who grew up with an interest in politics from a young age. Beth attended Northern Arizona University, where she was a member of the NAU Conservatives, an activist organization dedicating to spreading conservative ideals. She also founded the NAU chapter of Young Americans for Liberty, took part in the Flagstaff Smart Girl Politics chapter and helped a local conservative run for Flagstaff City Council. Beth has received national attention due to the First Amendment restrictions on her college campus. She defended her Freedom of Speech when she was ridiculed for handing out flags in remembrance of 9/11. Although she faced misconduct charges, up to and including expulsion, she stood by her Constitutional rights and beliefs. With the help of the Leadership Institute and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), she was eventually exonerated of all charges. During her tenure, she was copy editor for the newspaper, marketing director and film festival director for the campus TV station, and news correspondent for political talk radio. Beth was the Communications Assistant at The American Conservative Union, where she helped with planning and executing different aspects of CPAC 2014, including social media, media strategy and crisis management. Beth works at a well established public relations firm in Southern California. Her work has been featured in The Daily Caller, The Washington Times, World Net Daily and Human Events. Follow Beth on Twitter: @eb454

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