SCOTUS Ruling Huge Win for Tech Lovers

PolitiChicks.comIf you’re like me, you’re a huge tech buff. Americans go everywhere with their cell phones and tablets. Some even carry their laptops with them, wherever they go. I’m no exception to that and I doubt you are either.

As technology advances, so does the ability to have private information at the tip of your fingers. Instead of going into banks to cash checks, we take pictures of the checks and cash them via our bank’s mobile app. Our emails are now connected to our phones, which gives us the ability to work all hours of the day and night (Joy!) and respond instantly. Some even use their mobile devices for “extra curricular fun” – *cough* Anthony Weiner *cough* – something that is a rather new…invention.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled against warrantless police searches involving cell phones. The concern? Privacy and the amount of information that can be accessed with one touch.

Chief Justice Roberts said it best: “The fact that technology now allows an individual to carry such information in his hands does not make the information any less worthy of the protection for which the Founders fought.”

Our founding Fathers wanted to make sure we weren’t at the mercy of those in charge, that we had a means of limiting their power. After all, one of the biggest concerns the Founders had was the ability for government – including different subsets of government– to become tyrannical.

This SCOTUS ruling is a perfect example of the importance of the protections the Fourth Amendment gives us. Even though the Founders original intent was focused on houses and what was inside those houses, the same principle can apply to more modern inventions, like cell phones and laptops.

The dangers that come with unreasonable search and seizure involving cell phones? It’s a fishing game for officers and an easy one at that. Because cell phones have so many different aspects of our privacy, like who we’ve called or where we’ve been, there should be probable caused backed up by a search warrant.

This SCOTUS decision is a huge step for freedom-lovers everywhere. It means the Supreme Court is addressing concerns associated with technology and standing with the Constitution.

Beth Baumann

Beth Baumann is a California native, who grew up with an interest in politics from a young age. Beth attended Northern Arizona University, where she was a member of the NAU Conservatives, an activist organization dedicating to spreading conservative ideals. She also founded the NAU chapter of Young Americans for Liberty, took part in the Flagstaff Smart Girl Politics chapter and helped a local conservative run for Flagstaff City Council. Beth has received national attention due to the First Amendment restrictions on her college campus. She defended her Freedom of Speech when she was ridiculed for handing out flags in remembrance of 9/11. Although she faced misconduct charges, up to and including expulsion, she stood by her Constitutional rights and beliefs. With the help of the Leadership Institute and the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), she was eventually exonerated of all charges. During her tenure, she was copy editor for the newspaper, marketing director and film festival director for the campus TV station, and news correspondent for political talk radio. Beth was the Communications Assistant at The American Conservative Union, where she helped with planning and executing different aspects of CPAC 2014, including social media, media strategy and crisis management. Beth works at a well established public relations firm in Southern California. Her work has been featured in The Daily Caller, The Washington Times, World Net Daily and Human Events. Follow Beth on Twitter: @eb454

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