How Obama’s Negotiation With Terrorists Sweetens Deal With Iran

Khairullah Khairkhwa helped to found the Taliban in 1994 and served as governor of Herat province and interior minister. It’s claimed that he was “directly associated” with Osama bin Laden and Mullah Mohammed Omar, the “supreme commander” of the Taliban.

Mullah Norullah Noori commanded Taliban forces during the US invasion in 2001 and was implicated in a massacre of Shia Afghans. He was also “associated” with Mullah Omar and “senior al-Qaeda members” and in 2008; US officials thought he “remained a significant figure to Taliban supporters”.

Mullah Mohammad Fazl, is said that he “would likely rejoin the Taliban” and resume “hostilities against US and coalition forces” if he were to be released.

Abdul Haq Wasiq, once the Taliban’s deputy intelligence minister and tied through the Taliban’s alliance with al Qaida. Records say that he was close to bin Laden’s network and arranged for al Qaida to train Taliban intelligence staff.

Mohammad Nabi Omari was a Taliban commander who fought alongside al-Qaeda in a joint unit created to resist the US invasion. He is also linked to the Haqqani network, an extremist group based in Pakistan which has carried out attacks in Afghanistan and on the US and Indian embassies.

These terrorists have already killed American troops, and while as part of negotiations, they are ordered to remain in Qatar for at least a year, first of all, no one in their right mind is going to believe that these terrorists will ‘honor’ these conditions. Secondly, now there is more incentive for the enemy to try and capture more of our troops. Thirdly, Qatar, with all of their ‘friendly’ ties to the US, according to the State Dept. as recent as 4 years ago was considered the worst participant in counter terrorism efforts in the whole Middle East. According to The Atlantic back in November of 2010, “Keeping U.S. basing rights in Qatar and ensuring the stable flow of oil and LNG gas [liquefied natural gas] are both more important than Qatar’s willingness to deal seriously with its citizens involvement in terrorism.”

This past April, the U.S. State Department noted that private donations from Persian Gulf countries were “a major source of funding for Sunni terrorist groups”- with Qatar and Kuwait singled out as terrorist financing trouble spots.

I reported last year when negotiations over Bowe’s release were being held in Qatar, between the Taliban who had set up shop in that country, and Afghani officials. On day the scheduled talks were announced, insurgents attacked Bagram Air Base killing 4 US Soldiers and wounded 6 others and the Taliban claimed responsibility. Some folks don’t seem to remember that last July, Obama’s administration released 5 detainees as a “good will gesture” to initiate peace talks with Kabul.

Obama made a campaign promise to shut down Gitmo- only thing is, he didn’t let on that he planned on releasing all of the terrorists in order to do it. In Syria, the Obama administration with consent of much of our Congress has armed the so called rebels, and also having our forces train them. They are known to be made up of terrorists from groups like al Qaida, and as shown in the report linked above, much of the money funneled from Qatar for terrorist groups has been flowing into Syria- who’s to say that the men released from Guantanamo won’t end up fighting there as well? We can’t be reminded enough that these are the same groups who have been fighting our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The war in Iraq was brought to a supposed end by Obama when he announced when and how the drawdown would happen. It’s now evident that al Qaida forces have retaken cities many of our troops died to liberate for the Iraqi people. It seems as though Obama is doing the same thing in Afghanistan, by announcing promised a pull out leaving 9800 troops behind by next year, yet he can’t promise anything until the new Afghan president signs the bilateral security agreement (BSA). If al Qaida and their known allies, the Taliban are set free while our forces are cut in Afghanistan, and more are sent back to Iraq to help the local Iraqi forces there, I can’t think of a more blatant case of traitorous acts against our country but also against our military by making it more dangerous than ever for them.

Another thing about Qatar is that before they offered to host American bases, Qatar was on the US list of state sponsors of terrorism and they have a long history of sponsoring and funding terrorist activities. How is it that Obama released 5 of the most dangerous terrorists held to the Qatar government, but we have also approved the sale to Qatar of $23 billion dollars of military weapons and apache helicopters? This includes $9.9 billion worth of Patriot fire units, radars, and various Raytheon and Lockheed missiles and The Defense Security Cooperation Agency, the U.S. body which oversees foreign arms sales, had notified lawmakers in July 2012 of a possible sale of Apache helicopters to Qatar. Boeing builds the Apaches. It was reported that Boeing confirmed the announcement included a contract to buy 24 AH-64E Apache attack helicopters and three Boeing 737 Airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft. Could this be a deal made by Hillary Clinton like the one she made with Russia which I reported about in April? There is more on this a little later in this article.

As we saw during the rounds of Sunday morning talk shows after Benghazi, Susan Rice was at it again. When asked by Candy Crowley on State of the Union, about the tradeoff with the Taliban, first Rice said Bowe was a legitimate POW who was captured on the battlefield. This contradicts all accounts that he walked away from his post and left his weapons behind. Rice went on to try and explain why the Obama administration broke the law was because of his health. “Well certainly after almost 5 years in captivity our concern was increasing every passing day, but we also indication that indeed his health was growing more fragile, he’d lost a good bit of weight and we were very concerned that time was not something we could play with; that we needed to act when we had the opportunity and that’s what we did.”

That’s interesting because all reports indicated that when Bowe was released to the Special Forces, his condition was listed as good. They had a chance last year to get him when they released the other 5 terrorists. They could have had 30 extra days per law to wait for Congress but politically it was expedient for Obama to get this done now to take attention off the atrocious policies at the VA among other scandals.

When asked about breaking the law, and why they couldn’t go to the head of the Senate and Congress, Rice answered, “The DOD consulted the DOJ and given the acute urgency of the health condition of Sgt. Bergdahl, and given the president’s constitutional responsibilities, it was necessary and appropriate not to adhere to the 30 day notification requirement because it would have meant that potentially that the opportunity to get Sgt. Bergdahl would have been lost… We did do that in fact, we’ve briefed Congress in the past about this potential, and when the deal was done and Sgt. Bergdahl was in US custody is when we began making notifications to Congress.

The DOD could have just as easily consulted Congress as well as the DOJ. And as for negotiating with terrorists to release terrorists, during a time we are still at war with the same terrorists, this contradicts Obama himself when he said in 2008, “… It is time to turn the page on eight years of policies that have strengthened Iran and failed to secure America or our ally Israel… George Bush knows that I have never supported engagement with terrorists…

It seems that this is all Obama has done in the past five years, not just negotiating and engaging with terrorists, but orchestrating sovereign nation’s power and propping up terrorist leaders in their place. Arming and training terrorists and letting them know our military plans. Don’t get me started on his ‘diplomacy’ with Iran, when everything he’s been doing has strengthened them.

Actually yes, let me get started on Iran. This leads me to another thought- There is still the July deadline for an agreement over the Iranian regime’s nuclear program. Obama recently gave the Commencement speech at West Point, and he had this to say, “But at the beginning of my presidency, we built a coalition that imposed sanctions on the Iranian economy, while extending the hand of diplomacy to the Iranian government. And now we have an opportunity to resolve our differences peacefully. The odds of success are still long, and we reserve all options to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. But for the first time in a decade, we have a very real chance of achieving a breakthrough agreement, one that is more effective and durable than what we could have achieved through the use of force. And throughout these negotiations, it has been our willingness to work through multilateral channels that kept the world on our side. The point is, this is American leadership. This is American strength.”

Sounds great, but many disagree with Obama that this has been because of strong leadership and he shouldn’t be too quick to use Iran as a victory in his foreign policies. I reported last year on negotiations and they’ve gone everywhere but well for this administration, and Obama with his famous red lines, has redrawn, withdrawn, and basically given the Supreme Leader his crayon. Since then, the talks have not gone any better.

You may wonder what this all has to do with Bowe’s release. Those who read my articles know I try and link connections, because much of what this administration does, has a lot of connections all over the Middle East. This latest development seems to be linked as well. I mentioned the multibillion dollar arms deal with Qatar, and their past history of supporting and funding terrorists. I also mentioned that Boeing was one of those corporations who were given contracts, just as they had been to Russia under then Sec. of State, Hillary Clinton. Her friend Thomas Pickering was the Senior VP of the Boeing co. and headed up the Oversight and Government Reform Committee which investigated the State Departments’ role during the time leading up to the Benghazi attack. Oh-and as I mentioned, he’s also an Iranian sympathizer and one of the board of directors for the American Iranian council. He sits on the board of the International Crisis Group (ICG), among other notables from both the Clinton and Obama administrations- and many of whom have pro Iran, pro-Palestinian, pro Hamas and anti-Israel views.

Qatar scarfing up billions in arms isn’t much of a connection, but when considering Washington’s desire to bolster cooperation with Gulf nations on missile defense and increase pressure on Iran over its nuclear program, Qatar and other Gulf nations are strengthening ties with Iran, which means upcoming discussions with Iran may not go as well as Obama’s been boasting. Could the release of Bowe now be another desperate ploy to not just negotiate with terrorists, but with Iran? The timing sure couldn’t be much better and Obama may be desperate enough to strike a deal with Iran, that he might accept dangerous concessions to achieve it- including releasing terrorists for one ‘POW’.

Things are coming together in the Gulf Arab States, much of it centers on renewing strained ties with Iran. Considering the administration’s ties with pro-Iranian, Anti-Israeli groups, it would make sense that the Obama administration would adopt policies which reflect the same views. The Arab states have more than one thing in common other than oil, they all adhere to or promote Sharia law, they all have ideologies of spreading Islam and Sharia on the west, and they all have strong hatred of Israel. An armed Middle East, a nuclear armed Iran would be the tipping point for the spread of Sharia and a chance to make war on Israel.

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Carolyn Elkins

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