Hillary Blames Benghazi Attacks On Video In Her New Book

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 6.03.09 PMIt is highly anticipated that Hillary Clinton will take a stab at another run in the upcoming 2016 Presidential election. Clinton’s failures regarding the attack in Benghazi has us wondering if she is capable of answering that 3 a.m. call. So how will she fend off her critics just in case she does decide to take another run ?  How about with a book. A book that was written with her bloody hands.

Hillary’s new book titled, “Hard Choices,” is set to be released on June 10th.  She includes a chapter in the book titled, “Benghazi Under Attack,“  and according to POLITICO, “The 34 page chapter is Clinton’s most complete account to date of the attack and its aftermath.”  Clinton’s most complete account to date? That’s interesting.  Will she be answering the questions that she has kept hidden during ongoing investigations?  Will we find out what really happened that night in this chapter of her new book.. or will she blame the attacks on  an anti-Islamic video?

Hillary must answer for Benghazi. She is fully aware that if she makes a bid for the White House, that any opponent, whether it be a Democrat in the primaries or a Republican in the general election, she will be challenged on this topic.  She will need to prep her supporters on what to say, when and if that time arrives.  One of her biggest challenges will be the fact that initially, the Benghazi attack was blamed on a video. Trey Gowdy has made it clear that his committee will be seeking answers as to “who” made up that story or where did it originate from.  But Hillary strategically addresses this in her new book. She “preps” her supporters by making the claim that {the video} was, “indeed a factor” in what happened in Benghazi. She goes on to say, “There were scores of attackers that night, almost certainly with differing motives – it is inaccurate to state that  every single one of them was influenced by this hateful video. It is equally inaccurate to state that none of them were. Both assertions defy not only the evidence, but logic as well.”  So therefore, initially blaming the video is not really a lie, so to speak. It kind of reminds me of the “definition of the word is,” a statement made by her husband when he was under fire during his administration.

Hillary has her strategy completely in place. She is already deflecting criticism by stating, “ I will not be a part of a political slugfest on the backs of dead Americans. It’s just plain wrong, and it’s unworthy of our great country. Those who insist on politicizing the tragedy will have to do so without me.”  Tell that to the families of the four dead Americans that are looking for the answers to what happened on that night, Hillary.

Regardless, her book will be an indication of what we will face if we encounter a Hillary run for POTUS. Her peers will be prepped to answer the questions surrounding the controversy of Benghazi. The Clintons are masters at dismantling controversy.  Prepare for the talking points fresh from the print of her new book.

You can read more here: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/05/hillary-clintons-benghazi-chapter-107240.html

Ruthie Thompson

Nevada PolitiChick Ruthie Thompson moved to Reno, NV at age 19, married, had two children, divorced and spent many years as a single mother. She continued to follow the political world closely and started engaging in grassroots activities, volunteering at the local GOP HQ. She has volunteered for many campaigns, working events, knocking on doors, making phone calls and attending political rallies and Tea Parties. Ruthie traveled to DC for the 9/12 rally and even to southern Nevada for the Showdown at Searchlight, home of Harry Reid. She attended the Leadership Institute in Arlington, VA where she studied every aspect of running a successful campaign--but her true passion is writing. You can follow Ruthie on Twitter @ruthie2theright, Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/ruthiethompson1/ and Google https://plus.google.com/u/0/117615692833169125740/posts, Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ruthie.thompson1

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