Former “Indian” Elizabeth Warren & Her Student Loan Woes

PolitiChicks.comElizabeth Warren and President Obama are two names that do not bode well together.   It was the same old sob story last Monday when President Obama was holding up Ms. Warren’s college loan debt as an example of how horrible Republicans are because they blocked Senator Warren’s student loan refinancing bill. “If you’re a big oil company they’ll go to bat for you, “Obama sneered. “If you’re a student, good luck.”

Only three Republicans voted for the bill it and believe it or not Senator Harry Reid voted against it for procedural concerns.

Senator Warren, I see through you and I am not alone.

Daniel Greenfield is spot on when he describes Senator Elizabeth Warren as “a lifelong fraud who began her career as a fake Indian, was a fake Republican and is now a fake Socialist. It would be easier to find a garden spot on Mars than a single honest moment in the long career of Elizabeth Ann Herring.”

It is expensive to attend college even at the Community College level and Senator Warren is not being honest and forth coming on her explanations for higher tuitions. So allow me to fill in the gaps.

“Elizabeth Warren, a tenured celebrity professor who jumped into politics, and Barack Obama, an untenured law school instructor, who made it big in politics, know exactly why student loan debt is so high and why their measures do nothing to address its real causes.”

Mrs. Warren likes to bemoan CEO salaries and big bonus while cashing a Harvard check totaling $350,000 to teach a single course. Let us take a closer look at this compensation since Sen. Warren is not here to object like she did when Senator Scott Brown brought it up during a debate about   student loans. In typical cry baby-party mode (democrats), she whined then acted like she was attacked, rather than answer the question with honest integrity, then casually turned the situation around on Senator Brown saying, “I want to talk about the issues. Senator Brown wants to launch attacks.”

But now, I too realize and understand why Senator Warren pounced to her own defense so quickly. Evidently there is such thing as a Celebrity Professor; Warren now falls into that category and her hefty out of balance wage is paid for with student loan monies, ah isn’t this interesting.  Apparently the average adjunct professor earns an average of 11,037 per class.

“Warren, who likes comparing the salary of a company’s employees to its CEO’s, isn’t comparing the $429,981 that Harvard paid her before she ran for office to an adjunct’s salary. And unlike a CEO, all Warren did was show up for a little bit and then go back to her real business as a lawyer and government consultant.”

While it is fun to expose the heady Senator from Massachusetts student debt did not reach a trillion dollars solely on the backs of the high priced Hollywood-Socialist type Professor. This debt did become astronomical like so many other Governmental departments at the local and Federal level because of mismanagement in the middle and bureaucracy.

Historically a classic college campus spent the majority of their overhead paying Professors to teach and they were light on how many administrators they employed. This scenario has completely flipped. Now Universities like Harvard are employing two administrators for every Professor on staff.

“From 2001 to 2011 the number of administrators increased 50% faster than faculty. Faculty members, many of whom like big government in theory, are discovering that bureaucracy has an unstoppable moment.”

Democrats, Liberals and Progressives are unable to understand and grasp simple logic. They always start hollering and shaking their fists complaining that greed is to blame—that “wealthy Republicans” are causing the inequality of class warfare, etc. etc….

No, fellow Americans; just as Legislators raise taxes to keep paying for subsidies and governmental programs, college administrators “keep spending money irresponsibly because they can always make it up by raising tuition rates. And they can always raise tuition rates because students have no choice but to pay.” And then as usual the Democrats point the finger at Republicans and call them the mean old white guys who only care about the rich man, when most of while Liberals are the very people who are creating, molding and causing a greater divide in the middle of this country.

The dirty business of higher education is “too big to fail and so is the student loan industry”.

Greenfield writes, “College degrees have become mandatory, even for jobs that lack any skill-based reasons for requiring them, turning colleges into very expensive high schools.” The high school diploma has become watered down and illegitimate through reform movements and government regulations instigated the “rise of college administrators.” These days, when Americans invest in college tuition for their children they in reality are contributing to nothing more than the corrupt and devious bureaucrats.

“In universities, as in their government templates, bureaucracy, regulation and spending feed off each other. Regulation results in more bureaucracy and more bureaucracy results in more regulation until the system can no longer fulfill its default function.”

It is a vicious cycle like so many defunct and inept departments that the Governments claim hold to. Small business and independently owned business men and women realize that they are where the buck really does end and profit is what they want to see on their financial statement bottom line. And it is impossible to be financially wise if red tape and bureaucrats are eating up the profit.

Back in the day if you were poor, you could still get a public education and then land a job, to support oneself. Thanks to the bleeding heart mentality now a young adult needs a college degree to get a job.   This system of subsidizing never creates the equality that Liberals profess they want.

The only way to reduce the trillion-dollar student loan debt is to reform higher education.

“Anything else”, writes Greenfield, “is another cynical gambit by millionaire leftists who use inequality as a political weapon while denying the equality of merit that made higher education into the great equalizer to those who needed it the most.”

So Senator Elizabeth Warren, you can keep spouting lies and idiocy but none of us here on the right, or in the middle, are listening. You make no sense.

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