The Will of the People is Being Ignored

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 9.25.32 AMWhen a society becomes at risk for a takeover by communism the first thing that happens is government interference in areas that should be left to the people.  The interference usually starts with special interest groups and spreads from there.  In order to obtain more control the government must find a way to divide the people and one of the most effective ways to do this is to convince the people that they are have been wronged or mistreated in some manner by another part of society.  Then the government swoops in and “saves the day” for the wronged individuals or group.

In both 1997 and 2004, the people of Arkansas overwhelmingly voted to ban gay marriage. Yet in 2014 one liberal judge overturned that in favor of 12 gay couples (24 people) who filed a lawsuit because they could not wed.

Let that sink in–the majority of the 3 MILLION people who live in Arkansas are against gay marriage—and yet ONE liberal judge overturned the “will of the people” with the stroke of a pen. I don’t recognize my America anymore.

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Patti Barnett Terrell

Patti Barnett Terrell has conservative roots that grow deep in the heart of East Texas. In 1977 she earned a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. Patti is retired from her position as the civilian director of a large Army Information Technology organization. Patti and her husband, Larry, had the honor of working for former Governor Mike Huckabee in his reelection campaigns by photographing fundraisers. They were also honored to meet the late, great actor and political activist Charlton Heston when he was campaigning for the Governor. For a recent birthday, Larry gave Patti a dinner with Lt. Col. Allen West. The ensuing PolitiChicks article she wrote was picked up by Lt. Col. West's web site as well as several other conservative sites and viewed by thousands. Patti is active in her local area by working elections and attending meet and greet political events. She is a huge advocate of the 2nd amendment, is rarely unarmed, and has strong opinions re gun control laws. Patti and Larry live in Texarkana, TX. They both believe in traveling as much as you can, as far as you can, as long as you can, but Texas will always be home.

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