VA Whistleblower – “A culture of cover-ups and bureaucratic neglect”

shame_on_vaDetective Thomas Fiore, a criminal investigator for the VA police department in South Florida, is risking his job by coming out with new information regarding what he calls, “a culture of cover-ups and bureaucratic neglect.”

According to Fiore, who contacted CBS4 News, “People are dying – and there are so many things going on there that people need to know about.” Fiore stated that he had previously investigated missing controlled substances as his job was to find out if there was some sort of criminal activity involved or if it was just the result of a harmless mistake. However, at some point during his investigation, he was told to STOP. “ I was instructed to stop conducting investigations pertaining to controlled substance discrepancies.”  Apparently the hospital’s chief of staff, Dr. Vincent DeGennaro did not want Fiore snooping around and instructed him to stop without even an explanation.

Fiore not only claimed that he was forbidden to investigate the discrepancies of missing controlled substances,  but to turn his head to the apparent illegal drug activity going on within the hospital as well. The death of a 27 year-old Iraq War Veteran, Nicholas Cutter, who was diagnosed with PTSD prompted Fiore to contact CBS4. Cutter died from a cocaine overdose while inside the Miami VA’s drug rehabilitation center. Fiore claims that Cutter was well known as someone that not only used cocaine, but was also known to smuggle it into the center. Fiore notified his superiors about Cutter but no action was taken and Cutter was still given passes to leave the center and purchase cocaine. Cutter would meet the drug dealer at the entrance of the hospital while on a smoke break during rehab treatments. Other patients would buy drugs and even sell a portion of their prescriptions during their smoke breaks as well. Regardless, cheeks were turned and Fiore’s investigation was off limits.

At one point, Fiore questioned the inoperable surveillance cameras on the property. The Inspector General raised concerns about them as well. Apparently they had not been working for at least 4 years. Fiore recalls that the Miami VA was given somewhere between $2.5 to $3.5 million to improve the security assuming that the surveillance cameras would be fixed as well. However, they were not and Fiore is not aware of what happened to that money or what it was used for.

Fiore continues with the cover-up that happened after Cutter was discovered dead from an overdose of cocaine. Read more on the story here:

Ruthie Thompson

Nevada PolitiChick Ruthie Thompson moved to Reno, NV at age 19, married, had two children, divorced and spent many years as a single mother. She continued to follow the political world closely and started engaging in grassroots activities, volunteering at the local GOP HQ. She has volunteered for many campaigns, working events, knocking on doors, making phone calls and attending political rallies and Tea Parties. Ruthie traveled to DC for the 9/12 rally and even to southern Nevada for the Showdown at Searchlight, home of Harry Reid. She attended the Leadership Institute in Arlington, VA where she studied every aspect of running a successful campaign--but her true passion is writing. You can follow Ruthie on Twitter @ruthie2theright, Pinterest and Google, Facebook

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