More Revelations About Benghazi

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 3.46.44 PMBenghazi continues to get curiouser and curiouser … except this is not Wonderland.

The Democrats have had various mantras regarding the terrorist attack on the diplomatic compound of September 11, 2012 and the subsequent investigation required of the incident.  First it was “bumps in the road” uttered by Barack Obama the next morning while at a fundraiser in Las Vegas.  Then we heard the event was caused “by a disgusting video” for weeks on end.  As Congressional oversight hearings got underway, it was called a “phony scandal” by the president, this repeated by his defenders.  Then Jay Carney used the “Benghazi was a long time ago” phrase; it got picked up not just by Democrat politicians but also by members of the press, the punditry.

With Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) finally setting up one special select committee to corral the investigation, the current mantra from the left side of the aisle is “All the questions have been asked and answered already.”  They go on to recount the dozens of hearings, the eight final reports issued, the conclusion of the (so-called) independent Accountability Review Board. They all list the thousands of documents that have been reviewed with a weary tone of voice as though each page is being looked over at that very moment.

Really?  All questions asked and answered?  We haven’t even had all witnesses appear to have questions put to them, the State Department continues to deny access to the American survivors of the attack from Members of Congress. What contact there has been has had to be done in secret, anonymous descriptions provided but not on the record due to threats involving job security and retirement. Neither of the two chief participants in Washington that night, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, were interviewed by the ARB.  Obama has never been asked to explain where he went after being informed his ambassador was missing and Americans were in mortal danger, sovereign U.S. soil under armed assault, nor why after being told such he did not stay in the Situation Room in the first place.

Hillary Clinton has never been asked just what the diplomatic mission was that she tasked Amb. Stevens with, why his residence was required in so dangerous an area. This answer is key, in fact, it may unlock the entire puzzle over just what happened that night, why it happened, and why so many lies were told, continue to be told no matter facts are beginning to come to light. There have been all manner of rumors going around, inevitability when the true story is missing; others fill the void.  One story that has been consistently told always had a ring of plausibility to it, now we find we may be one step closer to getting to the heart of the matter. Two days ago, former Member of Congress Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret.) published a (piece on his website in which he describes the conversation he had with a chance seat mate on a recent plane flight from Detroit.  This seat mate requested he not be named but must have given Col. West permission to re-tell everything else he revealed in their conversation.  Part of the information provided, the revelation that the CIA Annex located down the street from the diplomatic compound was indeed being used for covert operations that included “a CIA weapons buy-back program, the aim of which was to ship the retrieved weapons out of Libya through Turkey, and to the Islamist forces in Syria.”  It was only a year after Stevens, who had spent a good portion of his diplomatic career in the Middle East and North Africa, turned up in Libya on a cargo ship that he received his appointment as ambassador to that country. He was known to be sympathetic to the cause of the Libyan rebels and had been rumored to be heading a gunrunning operation to them, so no surprise that he would receive a posting that would allow him greater contact with those higher up in the governments of the countries involved.

But something went wrong, not just the night of the attack, but with Stevens’ participation somehow. For months he took notes, he wrote in his diary his fear for his personal safety from the growing Al Qaeda presence. He sent cables to the State Department requesting additional security that went unheeded, worse, State installed local hires as security forces who during the attack informed the insurgents where to locate the Ambassador who was in the “safe room” of the compound. All questions asked and answered?  What happened that Ambassador Christopher Stevens was targeted for extermination, and why did not his superiors in Washington take his words, his observations more seriously?

Come along, Alice … we’ve only just started down the rabbit hole.

Maureen Mullins

California PolitiChick Maureen Mullins was born in March 1963 and if ever asked the proverbial 'Where were you when JFK was shot? she may confidently reply, 'In my playpen.' Her first true recollection of politics was when the usual after school re-runs of Gilligan's Island and Hogan's Heroes were being pre-empted by the Watergate hearings. This carried through to her discovery of CSPAN, when in doing research for an essay on Abscam for her high school government class, she heard Newt Gingrich giving Special Orders speeches on the subject from the well of the House of Representatives. Her first foray into political activity was to volunteer for the Reagan For President campaign in 1980, as she was only 17 that November and would not be able to cast a vote for him until 1984. She has subsequently done volunteer work on various House and presidential campaigns throughout the years. A dedicated Constitutionalist, one of Maureen's greatest honors was to be a charter member of Hillary Clinton's Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy and continues to this day to help the people of this country recognize and remember the value of true liberty.

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