Dr. Bob Johnson, Georgia’s ‘Hope for Change’ in Congressional Race

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.36.34 PMGeorgia has the opportunity to knock out career politicians and those who oppose term limits on Tuesday May 20.  Dr. Bob Johnson is running for Georgia Congressman and he is not your typical politician.  In fact,  Bob Johnson is not a politician.  He is a Savannah Georgia surgeon, a former Army Ranger, and 26 year Army Veteran.  He started his career as an Army Ranger, became a Physician Assistant and medical platoon leader.  He attended the Medical College of Georgia and returned to the Army as a Physician.  Since retiring from the Army and returning to Savannah in 2001 he has been a practicing physician and citizen activist fighting for conservative issues.

Bob Johnson opposes Common Core and believes it will further damage America’s public education system.  He takes it a step further and believes the Department of Education should be eliminated and decisions should be made on a local and parental level where the Founding Fathers intended them to be.

Bob Johnson also supports the full repeal of Obamacare.  In 2009 he joined thousands of Americans protesting Obamacare at the White House.  He states that Obamacare is devastating to patients and small businesses and he has a plan to replace it with affordable, market based, patient and doctor driven health insurance coverage for uninsured Americans.

He strongly opposed the Murray/Ryan budget which cut Military pensions.  He stated “I for one am advocating veterans pensions, if not a sacred promise, ought to be a priority, not the first thing on the chopping block.  As a fiscal conservative I can and will find plenty of other places in our federal budget ripe for reduction, cutting and even elimination.  But the Murray/Ryan budget eased the sequester, allowing Congress to spend more.  Congress needed a way to pay for this spending increase so they chose, of all people, Veterans on whose back to balance this budget.  Just consider  the other areas of government Congress chose to keep fully funded:  federal workers pensions, Obamacare and the Dept. of Education, just to name a few very bloated programs that need to be reduced, reformed or outright eliminated.”  Johnson has stated his intent to serve on the Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Committee where he will be a strong advocate for our Military and Veterans.

On the issue of Immigration Johnson stated last summer that,  “The Federal Government has never developed an adequate mechanism for guest workers to be registered.  They should NOT have a path to citizenship, but rather temporary visas to work in our country.  The current bill is a wrongheaded echo of a similar bill from the 80’s wherein a one time offer of amnesty was suppose to fix this problem forever.  But here we are, back in the same old rut.  As an international consultant who trained federal agents from Texas and California on emergency response I learned about the other threat by open borders – Islamic terrorism.  America’s unsecured borders allow Islamic terrorists unfettered access into our nation.  Our current border policy, made possible by Washington politicians, is not only an economic and social problem, it is also a security threat.  The so called immigration reform bill being debated in Congress today gives greater incentives for illegal border crossings without addressing the real problem first:  unsecured borders.”

Johnson understands the very ‘clear and present’ danger of Islamic terrorism.  On the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks he stated:  “More needs to be done to protect America from our enemies.  Unfortunately, this global conflict continues on many fronts:  the USA, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, India, Europe, Libya, and Syria.  In each of these conflicts, the Sunni Islamic radicals have been funded largely by wealthy oil sheiks from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and other Arab oil states.  The government of these ‘donars’ have been passive and even obstructionist’s toward our attempts to halt this unholy flow of finances to the worst criminal gangs in the world.  This conflict is amplified by state sponsored terrorists backed by the Shiite/Alawite alliance in Iran and Syria.  Hezbollah agents now pour into our southern border states after taking immersion courses in Spanish and ally themselves with the Mexican drug cartels to appropriate money and arms.  Ironically, these two hateful parties are now engaged in head-on conflict in Syria.  The best geopolitical strategy for the U.S. at this time is to let these deranged evil doers do each other in while providing humanitarian assistance to the millions of refugees pouring into Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.  Furthermore, long ago, we should have resolved to attain true energy independence.  This will cut Al Qaeda and it’s partners off at their roots: their funding source. And we MUST secure our borders to keep terrorists and illegal aliens out of our nation.  Our Congress and the Obama Administration have thus far failed to pursue these two basic goals with immediate and unwavering resolve:  true energy independence and robust and effect border security.  True leadership and resolve to affect these changes would be the most fitting memorial to the victims of 9/11.”

In Georgia and America we need more Veterans serving us in Washington D.C.  We do not need career and establishment politicians looking to line their own pockets and serve their own interests rather than that of their constituents.  We need representatives who have served in our Military and understand the sacrifice or those who have.  We need Representatives who will make National Security a top priority, secure our borders and re-build our strong national defense.  We need Representatives who understand  we need jobs, fiscal constraint, smaller government, and who will stop the intrusion of the current over-reaching regime.  Tomorrow Georgians have the opportunity to support a hard working Conservative who served 26 years in the Army, became an Army Ranger, and then through hard work and diligence became a Doctor and continued to serve his country.  He is a Christian, Medical Missionary,  Patriot, who loves our Military and who will look out for their best interest as well as that of our Veterans.   Dr. Bob Johnson believes in the Constitution and that America is still the greatest nation.  Let’s show Washington D.C. we’re done with career politicians and we still believe in the Constitution and  America’s greatness by casting our vote for Dr. Bob Johnson.


Freedom Works PAC


National Defense Pac


National Conservative Organization Madison Project


For further information: http://www.bobjohnsonforcongress.com/home/

Brenda Collins Morris

Georgia PolitiChick Brenda Collins Morris is a military wife, mom, conservative, proud unapologetic American! She has campaigned for conservative candidates, supports the Wounded Warrior Project, and served on a Critical Incident Response Team assisting people in the aftermath of tragedies such as 9/11. Brenda believes our Constitution is disregarded as Progressives, through the Democrat Party, strive to establish Socialism in America. She also believes our national security is being threatened by radical Islam, which is infiltrating the highest levels of our government, financial and educational institutions. Brenda says just as President Reagan believed in 'peace through strength' she believes we need leadership in a Washington D.C. that believes in and supports that principle, as well as respect and protect the interests of our military members and their families. Brenda's father is a WWII Veteran, and she believes our military deserve our gratitude and respect. Brenda was born and raised in Kentucky and currently resides in Georgia.

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