Day: May 1, 2014

LIVE! Listen To The Benghazi Hearings

Watch the latest video at Watch the Benghazi hearing live this morning. News and history infolding without media influence on your opinion. What a novel idea.
Posted On May 1, 2014

Duke University “You Don’t Say” Campaign: Campus Censorship?

Recently, Duke University unveiled a new campaign, the “You Don’t Say” campaign, which seems to correct common slang seen as derisive such as “you’re so gay” or “that is retarded”. The campaign...

1,300 Muslims Flee for Their Lives–International Community Aghast

The rise of Christian militias in the Central African Republic has drawn the ire of the international community.  Sunday heavily armed peacekeepers rescued a group of Muslim hostages being held...

Nancy Pelosi Blames Cheney for CIA’s Use of “Torture”

Earlier this month, the Senate committee voted to declassify a 6,300-page CIA torture report. The report released findings that criticize the CIAs use of abusive protocols of suspected...
Posted On May 1, 2014