One Cure for the Common Core: Create Your Own School!

912ccThe more I read about parents’ experiences with Common Core and the further I read The Americans eBook the stronger is my resolve to eliminate it starting with the State of California. At the beginning of March I printed the California Department of Education Common Core “Opt-Out” form, signed it and presented it to the Administration Office at my daughter Lauren’s high school. Tuesday, April 8 was the first CC Test “trial,” so after dropping Lauren off for school I made a call before I was out of the parking lot to make certain that the Opt-Out was being respected. It wasn’t. Thankfully, I was able to leave a voice mail with the appropriate person, Lauren was pulled out of the computer bank testing area, sent to a nearby classroom and not forced to take the test. I was pretty happy about that!

These “tests” are done in such a way that it is impossible for a parent to review it, before or after it is given. They are 100% electronic and require the student and the “test” giver to enter unique codes so each student can get to, what’s sounds like, a very dark place.

Regarding The Americans eBook, after finally making it out of the Table of Contents (now called “THEMES” of The Americans: Reconstruction to the 21st Century), the first page of the first chapter is titled “EXPLORATION AND THE COLONIAL ERA”.  It says:

You live in the 15th century. Your society hunts freely, grows crops of great variety, and trades with nearby cultures. Now you sense that your world is about to change; the ships you see approaching are like nothing you have encountered before. 

How will the arrival of a strange people change your way of life? 

Examine the Issues 

•   How would you react to a people whose appearance and language are unlike anything you have ever known?

•   What can happen when one culture imposes its values on another?

No names, no dates, no facts, nothing about communication, learning, teaching, just a “once free people” minding their own business who get visited by strangers for reasons unknown and life as they knew it ended. Now kids, put yourself in their place. How does that make you feel? And this is only page one, no doubt a barometer of pages to come. It occurred to me that I missed the biggest error of all: The Reconstruction period (1865-1877) begins after the Civil War.

After the CC Opt-Out form, I filed a CA Home Schooling Affidavit (free), which allows you to pull your child out of Public School.  However we live in a District that requires home schoolers to use the same textbooks and curriculum. So, I’m setting up the groundwork for a 501(c)(3) Private School ($35). I should get the first approval with my ID number by the middle of May.

For all of California’s endless regulations, education seems to be the only area that is without pages and pages of restrictions and “must haves.” Hopefully I can find more Californians who are displeased with the new Common Core curriculum. If no one enrolls in the program it won’t survive. So come summer, with my laptop, cellphone and pen, we’ll take our very own private school, “Back to Basics: Academy of Higher Learning“, on the road!

It’s not going to be easy, but if this is what I have to do to keep my daughter out of a “U.S. Government” class (required for Seniors) and make sure that other parents have an affordable option to a Public School system that is hell-bent on preying on “feelings” to fulfill their “Progressive/Liberal” indoctrination agenda, then so be it.

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