Ken Cuccinelli Speaks on Millennial Outreach

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 8.24.23 AMKen Cuccinelli, former Republican candidate for governor of Virginia, spoke on millennial outreach April 2nd at the Leadership Institute’s Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club.

Although the former Virginia attorney general lost his gubernatorial bid by two points, he actually won the 18-24 demographic by 6 points with a pro-liberty message.

“Of all the different groups that we focus on…none are more important than the youth,” emphasized Cuccinelli, “They truly are the future and if we want to win the future, we gotta start right there. It isn’t enough to win them over, they’ve got to be with us, they’ve got to be part of our efforts.”

Millennials are smart, we can tell the difference between a politician and a true freedom fighter. If the GOP want us to be excited about conservatism, nonetheless show up on Election Day, then we need to start picking genuine candidates who are solid on the issues.

“Smooth wasn’t the appeal [of Ron Paul], it was freedom. He was kicking everyone’s tail among young voters and we can too,” Cuccinelli explained to the crowd.

The reason that Ron Paul was so successful in the younger demographics was that he was able to connect with us on issues like individual rights and personal freedom.

The GOP can learn a lot from the youth efforts of the Cuccinelli and Paul campaigns. Millennials are not a lost demographic, rather an untapped resource.

Danielle Saul

Virginia PolitiChick Danielle Saul graduated from Minnesota State University, Moorhead in 2012 with a degree in Communication Studies. While on campus Danielle was President of her College Republicans, Chair of the MSUM Student Senate Legislative & Internal Affairs Committee, and Founder of MSUM Students Against Human Trafficking. After graduating, Danielle got hired as the Youth Coordinator for George Allen's campaign for the U.S. Senate before coming on board with the Leadership Institute as the Campus Election Coordinator. After successfully helping over one hundred students get elected to serve on their student governments, Danielle joined the Leadership Institute's studio team as their Digital Video Producer.

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