Pat Caddell: "I describe the two parties as the Corrupt Party & the Stupid Party" (VIDEO)

Pat CaddellPolitichicks brought you exclusive video coverage of Pat Caddell last year from CPAC, coverage Rush Limbaugh ‘scoured the earth’ to find. In that video Caddell fearlessly assaulted the consultant class and the failure of the establishment’s ‘conventional wisdom.’ A democratic pollster and Fox News contributor, Caddell is seemingly not beholden to anyone who would keep him from speaking out.

This year at CPAC 2014, I caught an elevator with Caddell just before he took the stage and he told me essentially to expect the unexpected in his speech again. Caddell opened with, “I was here last year; caused some problems because I attacked the republican consultant lobbying class as a racketeering operation that had not only blown the election, but eluded the system.” He continued, “Now their new strategy is to stand for nothing. It is to, what I call, the ‘surrender caucus.’” Caddell then reasoned, “But whether it was the NLRB, the decision not to contest spending, all of the issues, the debt limit, and essentially Barack Obama present budget where he pulled back everything. The notion has been, if we say nothing and do nothing, we will win in 2014. That’s a hell of a way to lose and it has repercussions.”

Caddell referenced liberal democrat law professor Jonathan Turley who said, “‘Look, I agree with Obama’s programs, but you have no right to discard the Constitution, we are at a Constitutional tipping point.’” Caddell continued, “What bothers me is why, here’s the dog that’s not barking, where was anyone else? No one else speaks up. And I’ve seen this on Benghazi in my party, on the IRS, which should be something that really frightens people, whether it’s in Obamacare and most of all in economics, because the people who have paid the greatest price under President Obama are the very basis of his coalition, which is blacks, Hispanics, women and young people, have had the greatest loss of income, an issue the republicans have not been able to manage.” Even liberal Turley acknowledges Obama’s detrimental breaks from the Constitution.

He then spoke of his perspective, echoing recent comments he made on Fox News, regarding House Speaker Boehner having not appointed a special committee to investigate the IRS scandal and why the republican establishment doesn’t care about Tea Parties being targeted. Caddell identifies this lack of action as stemming from a desire by the establishment to retain power and even IRS targeting benefitting the republican establishment in reducing the threat of Tea Party influence.

As Caddell covered many of the scandals that have eluded resolution as of yet, he referenced what he calls ‘The Candidate Smith Project.’ Caddell says, “Candidate Smith is about a whole new paradigm; a whole new organization of politics. It’s based on the 80% of American people who believe the American Dream is harder to attain, the 62% of Americans who believe the system is rigged…” As people become increasingly untrusting and fed up with the ruling political elite, a sentiment Caddell likens to that before the Civil War, “the American people, whatever they claim to be, that live outside that beltway and outside that (inaud) are ready to claim their country because they have to.”

Finally, Caddell warned that in absence of serious reform, the Republican Party will ‘go the way of the Whigs’ as another coalition rises up for the American people. “You cannot continue to suppress the dissent in America which is what the political establishment of both parties does.” He backed his statement with, “More than 60% of republicans are willing to leave their party immediately for a better alternative. It’s not about parties; it’s about your country. The political class in this town, in this beltway, has gorged itself by looting the country and our political system.” Caddell concluded saying, “They put party ahead of country, they put politics ahead of principle and they put their privileged access ahead of their patriotism. And until you replace that, what party matters?”

Note: Watch video to the end


Michelle Moons

Michelle Moons is a campaign treasurer pursuing a CPA license. She is a contributor for and operates her campaign finance business in Carlsbad, California.

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