MSNBC's Hate Parade

stop-using-the-word-hate-1We can’t help laughing at MSNBC and their ridiculous attacks on conservatives. There’s been story after story illustrating just how tendentious they are towards Republicans and conservative Libertarians…anyone who isn’t liberal.

The Washington Free Beacon‘s Sonny Bunch wrote, “There are two ways to win an argument. The first is to calmly and rationally argue your position, gathering evidence and presenting it in a reasonable way that considers all the tradeoffs of various policy options. The other is to stamp your feet and scream and denounce and ban and delegitimize.”

MSNBC has been stomping on conservatives so badly and for so long that they’ve lost any semblance of respect. They couldn’t be impartial if they tried. They are, quite simply, a joke. I was particularly angry about their disgusting reaction to Mitt Romney’s black grandson on a January show. Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests were absolutely shameless. One, the Daily Beast’s Dean Obeidallah, actually called the baby a “prop”.

The Washington Free Beacon put together a great video that speaks volumes about MSNBC. MSNBC‘s assertion is that conservatives don’t just dislike Obama’s policies or things done by this administration, we HATE Obama, period. The belief is so prevalent in their newsroom that you have to question their ability to report real news.

From the Beacon, “Not dislike or disagreement. “Hate.” That is a powerful word. It implies such an intense aversion that clearly there can be no rational thinking to any Republican critiques of Obamacare or minimum wage hikes or green energy cronyism or any other liberal causes worthy of debate.”

Read more at The Washington Free Beacon

Margie Mars

Oregon PolitiChick Margie Mars is a Conservative-Libertarian, writer and parenting expert. Along with writing and designing graphics for PolitiChicks, she writes for several popular conservative and parenting websites such as Brenner Brief, Parenting, Examiner, Tavern Keepers, Parent Society, True Patriots For America and Attachment Parenting International. Margie writes as an expert on Attachment Parenting, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, child rearing and autism. Favorite political topics include the Tea Party, gun rights, the Constitution, Israel and border safety. In addition to writing she manages the social media accounts for two small businesses. Margie holds a degree in Early Childhood Education, certification in Special Needs Education and has taken courses in Legal Assisting and Political Science. In her spare time she enjoys reading political non-fiction and biographies, making jewelry, embroidery, painting and other crafts. Margie and her husband Rob have eight children (three on the autism spectrum); ages 9-27 (seven boys and one girl!) and three perfect grandchildren. You can follow Margie on Facebook: or on Twitter at: @Margie10

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