Joe Biden: Open mouth, insert foot.

political-pictures-joe-biden-make-gaffePoor Joe Biden.  Most Presidents and Vice Presidents work as a team.  They complement each other in their attributes and flaws, just like a good marriage.  Their chemistry is ebb and flow with the innate knowledge that each of these high-powered politicians has the others back through good times and bad, political upheaval, national crisis, or scandal.  Loyalty is of the upmost importance between running mates bringing an inherent trust that neither half of the whole will cause each other dismay or bring harm, intentional or otherwise to their legacy. Presidential candidates chose their running mate after serious vetting and a thorough thought process to match the ticket as perfectly as humanly possible.  There is an historical overview that speaks to the balanced ballot.  Oft times a Presidential candidate chooses a partner from the opposite region of the country to give geographical balance of north and south.  It is politically smart to strategize the ticket and cover all factions of the party.  For instance a military man such as Senator John McCain (I know, not our favorite conservative but a revered and respected war hero, none the less) was brilliant to select and bring forward the sharp, charismatic, professional and hardworking Governor Sarah Palin in the 2008 elections. Palin brought with her everything that Senator McCain was missing.  Her common sense and honest approach to the working of government coupled with the dignity and respect she gives unborn life and children with special needs soared the right’s voting base and they went nuts with excitement.  Governor Palin not only balanced their run for the Presidency, she lit it on fire.  There was no race until Sarah Palin came upon the political scene.

Taking the aforementioned into consideration you have to feel for President Obama when it comes to mention of the name Joe.  What a verbal train wreck.  This man comes up with the most inappropriate and inaccurate sound bites of any person in recent history.

Recently at a Black History event the Vice President addressed his view on voter ID, wasting no time playing the race card.

“These guys never go away. Hatred never, never goes away,” Biden told the reception. “The zealotry of those who wish to limit the franchise cannot be smothered by reason.”

What is Joe Biden talking about?  Are there citizens who want to limit the franchise of voting?  No one I know wants to do that.  How does the requirement of an identification card equal hatred?  What is he talking about?

No Mr. Vice President, you are wrong once again.   To require simple proof of identification protects democracy and a land of the people, by the people and for the people.  To identify oneself at the voting booth protects everyone, equally and the same.  “Our belief system, Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally”.  A voter identification card is for clarification and authenticity of who is casting the vote that will be counted as a legal citizen voicing his right with the whole and the logic behind identification at the polling place is not to discriminate.  A voter ID card with a current color photo is not about race, creed, color, young, old, gender, religion, education, marital status, and or personal information.  The card is to ensure our democracy is untainted by having only eligible people casting their vote. Universities, institutions of education, citizens in different manner of employ countrywide, wear a color photo identification to properly identify themselves and no one anywhere is crying foul play.  I have not read of cases anywhere that are litigating for forcing a Hospital employee to wear a proper and correct color photo ID.

Every state in the United States requires a valid driver’s license to operate a vehicle.  Mr. Vice President, a driver’s license is a photo ID card, so why aren’t you screaming about the race card here?  Because it is ridiculous, that is why.  If I need an ID card to shop at Costco I should need an ID card to vote.  A simple identification card could not be any fairer, and fairness is the legal goal of all legislation.

Conservatives understand all too clearly that voter fraud is running rampant through our election polling booths nationwide.  This became painfully obvious when President Obama was elected twice, with a little help from the likes of Donald Duck casting a vote.

From American Thinker:

Barack Obama’s election not only caused the oceans to recede, but the dead to rise from the grave.At least, that’s what an investigation by New York officials revealed when they sent out dozens of agents to vote in a New York election…But New York City’s watchdog Department of Investigations has just provided the latest evidence of how easy it is to commit voter fraud that is almost undetectable. DOI undercover agents showed up at 63 polling places last fall and pretended to be voters who should have been turned away by election officials; the agents assumed the names of individuals who had died or moved out of town, or who were sitting in jail. In 61 instances, or 97 percent of the time, the testers were allowed to vote. Those who did vote cast only a write-in vote for a “John Test” so as to not affect the outcome of any contest. DOI published its findings two weeks ago in a searing 70-page report accusing the city’s Board of Elections of incompetence, waste, nepotism, and lax procedures.

To further convolute what should be a simple process for a legal citizen to obtain a voter ID card and vote, the United States Justice Department got involved and muddied the water even further, suing North Carolina and Texas in order to “to block state laws requiring voters to show photo identification before voting, arguing they discriminate against minorities.”

The U.S. Justice Department is dead wrong.  Any department with the initials U.S. in front of it is there to protect and serve legal citizens of the United States, not someone who cannot prove who they are.  And at the end of this debate I would simply ask the Vice President and anyone else weighing against a voter ID card, why does the outcome of a legal election scare you?

I know the answer–because someone like Governor Palin might get elected.

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