Early Shakeup at CPAC

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 7.30.45 AMWell last year controversy intensified over certain individuals being officially ‘uninvited’ from CPAC. In response, an event officially titled ‘The Uninvited’ was spawned. The short-notice event drew a large crowd and even garnered attention from establishment operatives. Politichicks was there along with a room full of a wide variety of concerned grassroots Americans.

This year, a shakeup has already started as Breitbart News hosts the second annual ‘The Uninvited II: The National Security Action Summit’ at the nearby Westin Hotel on the first day of CPAC 2014. Instead of just a one-session event, ‘Uninvited II’ takes place from 8am-4pm and includes speakers such as great American Senator Ted Cruz, Representatives Louie Gohmert, Trent Franks and Jim Bridenstine, Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich as well as a number of military and others knowledgeable in national security issues. Frank Gaffney is fittingly moderating. This seems particularly appropriate, as he was one of the original ‘uninvited’ persons from CPAC 2013.

Last year, Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch had rightfully been voted ‘People’s Choice’ for the Blogger Awards at CPAC, the award was not given out. Politichicks was proud to come in a solid second place. Though Politichicks Director Ann-Marie Murrell was at the ready to give the award to Robert if the award was given to the blog with the next highest number of votes, and after Robert’s invitation recision, it was not to be as they completely forsook the ‘People’s Choice’ award.

This year’s event will cover a much-noted gap existing at CPAC regarding primarily national security issues. CPAC seems to have scrambled together a panel on the emerging issue in Ukraine in response to the Breitbart and EMPact America event.

Anyone can attend the event at no cost by registering here.

Michelle Moons

Michelle Moons is a campaign treasurer pursuing a CPA license. She is a contributor for Breitbart.com and operates her campaign finance business in Carlsbad, California.

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