Dr. Jen Arnold: Wife, Mother, Doctor, Hero By BurkaChick

jenAs BurkaChick, a rabid radical, I am relieved to know the late night lib-fest has succeeded with the ousting of the highly rated host Jay Leno. Now with the healthcare website-worshipping of Jimmy Fallon and the FCC threatening to ratchet the right-wing rhetoric, we are well on our way to our Saul Alinsky blitzkrieg of progressive public airwaves. And if there are any militants for morality left, we still have the IRS and DOJ to use as our freedom flyswats. We can now look forward to the low information gyrations of Miley Cyrus and Beyonce to inspire our millennials and then turn quickly to our sexist song and dance rants to hype Hillary for 2016. Our progressive puff adder ethics and our monkey wrenched morals seemed to have “carpe diem” as we defiantly assign our liberal agenda to the Pope, while remaining silent on the persecution of Christians around the world. Every time we tune in or tune out, we praise the Sarah Palin c-word enthusiasts as well as relish in the embarrassment of a Ted Nugent tirade or the GOP devouring their own. We arm the airwaves with pungent politics and wonder what morals are left that we can malign.

But then there is Dr. Jen Arnold: wife, mother, doctor, hero. It seems, no matter who we are–left, right, low information or informed population–we admire her. Who else on a reality show (or any show) can we all agree about? From the beginning of her TLC show The Little Couple, we have watched Dr. Arnold and her husband Bill handle their challenges with self-respect, humor and a genuine love of life. No political agenda touted, just the example of dignity and grace. From our admiration of her overcoming the stereotype of dwarfism by becoming a neonatologist, to the challenges of her failed pregnancies, to the pure joy of her adoptive parenthood; we are with her. And now that she is in remission from a shocking prognosis of cancer, we cheer for her. Webster’s definition of hero is: any person admired for courage. But I think what she is and the role model she portrays in a sea of ruthlessness has demonstrated more than that. Her challenges unite us in compassion and admiration.

Webster’s also has a definition of angel: a person regarded as beautiful, innocent and good. In the hearts of many who follow her, we surely would agree.


BurkaChick grew up in the lovely town of Detroit, Michigan. She remembers a time when the city was booming because of the greedy capitalistic car companies. But now is thrilled the city has finally come into it's democratic own. BurkaChick says, 'Who needs a home or a job in this liberal paradise? All you need is one good bullet proof vest to live in this union-filled utopia!' BurkaChick's idol in her early teens was the President of the United States, Jimmy Carter. She admired his fortitude in all things liberal, but was highly disappointed when Reagan came in and rescued the hostages in Iran after only 444 days in captivity. "What a show-off!" she was quoted as saying. She wanted to campaign for Jimmy's reelection, but there was no gasoline to get to his headquarters. Which was a real bummer since she was living in her car since the mortgage interest rate was at 22%. BurkaChick then went on to, well, she doesn't really remember much since she was wasted through most of the eighties and nineties. Today she is an avid fan of Obama's. She cannot wait till George Clooney remakes a film about the life of Michelle Obama in the Whitehouse called, "The King and I." She is a hugh fan of The View, Susan Sarandon, MSNBC, all things uber liberal and of course Occupy Wall Street. BurkaChick loves what Occupy stands for and has volunteered to help decorate their rape tents and paint all porta-potties to resemble police vehicles.

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