Burn The Bras but Save the Hijab?

burningbraLiberal feminist have some explaining to do here in the United States. The rest of the feminist world seems to get a pass, as they evidently do object to Hijabs. I was born in 1970, in a period that was arguably the height of the feminist movement in the US. The founding of the National Organization for Women (NOW) occurred just a few years earlier, in 1966. In 1972, ultra feminist Rep. Shirley Chisholm created quite a stir when she ran for President with the slogan “Unbought and unbossed”. Chisholm was not the first woman to run for President but she was the first major-party radical feminist candidate for the nation’s highest office. Finally, there was the Supreme Court decision in 1973 which was hailed as the first major nationwide victory for feminist, Roe v Wade.

At the Miss America pageant in 1968, some 400 feminist protesters sought to have their complaints heard about how women were being objectified by these events. They came to show that wearing make-up, high heels, and yes, bras…were all devices intended to falsely identify them or to create “ludicrous beauty standards”. Although the event did not actually include any burning of bras or other objects, it never-the-less caught fire with many American women.

A group of women in Europe calling themselves, “Femen” have found a way to have their voice heard, by going topless. Yes, they strip down to their bare breast and paint messages across their boobs to ensure people read their messages. Examples of their “expose protest” include showing up at a Paris fashion show (see video clip below…but it is rated G)

In addition, these Femen protesters have made appearances at Anti-Muslim events to support Tunisian activist, Amina Tyler. Many have condemned the actions of Amina and Femen as having gone too far in their approach. Certainly, those who say the Ukrainian Femen protest outside the Vatican was over-the-top…or in this case without-the-top, would agree that some level of respect needs to be restored. Although, the actions of Femen have been regarded with disdain by many, others see their actions as a positive step to prevent enslavement of women.

Now, here in the United States feminist have been a bit more restrained in their approach to voicing opposition. However, they have remained oddly silent over the issue of topics such as Burkas, Hijabs, or even Sharia law. In some cases, they have even defended the wearing of Hijabs or Burkas and merely declared it is best that these decisions be left to the women who wear them. Well, how nice is that? Just one problem, the vast majority of these women are not given a choice about what they can wear.

Nearly everyone will agree that women should be allowed to pick their own wardrobe. This means the decision should be free of laws that prohibit jeans, short-sleeved shirts, skirts, the showing of ankles, or hair, or faces, etc. It also means these decision should be made free of any overt or covert influence. A woman should not fear for her life or safety merely because she elects to let her hair down. Somehow, American feminist have decided this obvious flaw in their theory on a woman’s right to choose is OK to ignore.

In fact, recently a story broke detailing how a group of women working inside the Minneapolis City Hall all donned hijabs on what was dubbed, “Hijab Day”. The women who joined the celebration included the police chief, Janee Harteau, who is an open homosexual. Apparently, Chief Harteau is unaware that in virtually every Muslim country around the world she would be stoned to death for her lifestyle choice. So, I find it odd she would elect to celebrate such a religious symbol which would mean certain death for her and her partner.

Where are the feminist who march for women’s rights? Where are those who decry homophobia? Where are the feminist who believe freedom of choice should extend to your wardrobe? Perhaps they failed to appear because they have built a wall around themselves out of hypocrisy. A wall built with bricks they frequently toss at Christians who they call evil for opposing ideas such as “the right to life”. They have fortified their positions on various issues and in doing so have built a wall of separation between themselves and the world. Unfortunately, they failed to make room for an exit strategy and Muslim extremist have them right where they want them.

Not to worry…rumor has it that Femen plans to open a branch office right here in the United States…looks like “Girls Gone Wild” may finally have some competition! Not sure if I will be able to “bear” the Femen antics, but since American Feminist and the LGBT community cannot be bothered to protest obvious violations of human rights…we may have to suffer scenes reminiscent of Mardi gras even in our small home towns.

Shannon Grady

South Carolina Politichick Shannon Grady came to the staff in late 2013 with experience writing political pieces on US foreign, domestic, and education policy for SGPAction.com. Shannon has also been a guest commentator on The PonyTail Patriot BlogTalkRadio show. Shannon brings a unique perspective to European politics as she is able to cover events happening across Europe from the heart of the EU, while living in Brussels, Belgium. Her articles include original coverage of the Memorial Day events at Flanders Field, Belgium and the 70th anniversary D-Day events in Normandy, France. Shannon has a BA in History from the University of South Carolina, a Masters from Webster University, and recently finished her doctorate program at Liberty University where she focused on Educational Leadership and Administration. She currently teaches online AP courses in Macro and Micro Economics and AP US history. She is the wife of active duty Army officer LTC Matthew Grady who is currently assigned to NATO in Belgium and the mother of one rambunctious little boy. Follow Shannon on Twitter: @SGPAExPat

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