Be Bossy!

cnal6rwlqy2k8hdmk55wI’ve always taught my daughter to “Be Bossy, Take Names and Kick Some Ass, respectfully of course” and if done exactly in that order with class anything can be accomplished.  The exact method that I suspect that former Secretary Hillary Clinton will take in partnership with Ms. Sandberg along with a few other women, individuals that will become increasingly ‘Bossy’ with their beliefs and opinions on Hillary as it gets closer to the 2016 election season (isn’t that really what has made them successful).  Another example will be that Meryl Streep will be very ‘loud’ in her beliefs and opinions to influence the older generation of women to support Hillary Clinton.  Women (Sandberg, Streep & friends) that are all very wealthy and have nothing to lose by pushing an agenda that will never affect their lives, never thinking about what’s best for average American women.

What ‘word’ will replace ‘Bossy’?

It will not be a ‘word’ it will be money.  Hillary Clinton’s ability to raise a billion dollars to run for President along with Ms. Sandberg’s ability to control the media and other ‘Bossy’ women create a system that will try to influence how many American women think and cast their votes.

It’s a good bet that most American women will start following the ‘hype’ now that a billion dollars will create and have  their attention focused on the words ‘First Woman President’ instead of facts and the individual are running for office.  The latest greatest Gallup Poll on Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election has women voting for her because she would be the ‘First Woman President’ while ranking an open, honest government and government for all Americans listed last, Insanity.

American Women’s inability to pick ‘Real Leadership’ is, unfortunately, going to continue until we reach the edge of the cliff, then American women of all ages will be getting very ‘Bossy, taking names and kicking Politicians right out of office’.  Maybe we’ll get lucky this time around and the GOP’s words will be ‘Leadership with Honesty’.

Dr. Jacqueline Lang

Oklahoma PolitiChick Dr. Jacqueline Lang is a devoted mother, business and academic professional. She has worked for many years in many different roles including years in leadership roles in management, in the manufacturing, and service industries. She has worked for Fortune 50, Fortune 500, and Private organizations throughout the U.S. and as a U.S. Congressional Campaign Manager. She has also has served 8 years in the United States Army Reserves. Her education includes a PhD Business, MBA and BA in Communication, along with course work in environmental safety training and executive coaching. Visit Jacqueline's Facebook page:

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