America’s Biggest Serial Killer: The Story the Media Refused to Cover is Coming to TV

20140328132910-Gosnell_Movie_posterRemember last year when Americans were glued to their TV’s watching the trial of the notorious baby killer, abortion doctor Dr. Kermit Gosnell? He’s the creep who, over the course of decades, killed newborns with scissors to the backs of their necks; kept fetal remains in refrigerators next to employee lunches; joked about killing viable fetuses; and kept his patients bleeding and writhing in pain for hours. And, as trophies, he kept severed feet of late-term fetuses in display jars. The court room was packed every day with fervent journalists waiting for a verdict. Gosnell ended up getting life in prison after multiple convictions of first-degree murder. It was all over the New York Times and prime time television news. What, what? Oops, sorry — wrong universe.

Turns out, despite this sensational trial having all the elements of a national story, it simply wasn’t covered. Why?

In a scathing piece, Washington Post blogger Melinda Henneberger, a rare pro-life liberal journalist, rounds up some excuses from her colleagues about why they think the media ignored the Gosnell case. One of her co-workers responded that the story seemed more of a local news story than a national one. Meanwhile, local crime stories such as the disappearance of Natalee Holloway or the case against Andrea Yates, are routinely covered by nationwide news outlets.

Many think this was an attempt by the left-wing media to protect abortion rights at all costs.

In a HuffPost Live segment on the issue, host Dr. Marc Lamont Hill made clear where his theoretical thinking lay when it came to the Gosnell case: “For what it’s worth, I do think that those of us on the left have made a decision not to cover this trial because we worry that it’ll compromise abortion rights.” At least he was honest.

Independent filmmaker Phelim McAleer (producer of FrackNation, a documentary that deftly debunked HBO’s “documentary” Gasland) agrees that bias against the anti-abortion movement caused liberal journalists to ignore the story. But McAleer believes that the the story should be told, and plans to produce it as a television movie, based largely on grand jury testimony and documentation from Gosnell’s trial. McAleer is attempting to raise $2.1 million at IndieGoGo for its financing. If successful, this would be the biggest crowdfunding film or TV campaign ever at IndieGoGo.

“It’s a graphic story,” said McAleer to the Hollywood Reporter. “Gosnell is a fascinating monster; a hoarder, mad man and megalomaniac. He’s a black man who is racist against blacks and Hispanics. He’s a real-life Hannibal Lecter. It’s an omission that Hollywood is ignoring the biggest serial killer in American history, and we’re going to fill that gap.”

It takes a whole lot of bravery, and a little bit of chutzpah, for a filmmaker to take on a project like this. Andrew Breitbart would be proud.

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Anita Gunn

California PolitiChick "Anita Gunn" is a closeted conservative working the entertainment business. Anita started at a major talent agency, assisting a well-known music agent, and is now a VP at a major movie studio. Anita grew up in a very liberal Jewish home, and bought the Utopian dream of a one world government and social justice for all. Anita did her best to "save the planet," pontificating about how the evil Republicans and greedy corporations were destroying the earth. 9/11 shook Anita's foundation and everything that she believed. By the time Obama burst into the scene in 2007, Anita was morphing into a conservative. Of course, coming out of the closet as a conservative in the entertainment industry is pretty much career suicide, she says, so in 2011, the name "Anita Gunn" was born. Anita has done commentary about the culture war on such radio shows as the Dr. Gina Show, Real Side with Joe Messina and Socialism is not an Option on Blog Talk Radio. Anita started a secret conservative Facebook group which has 1000 active members, and is part of another secret group of artists who behind such videos as Cruz Against the Machine. There are still some remnants from Anita's liberal days, including the love of Astrology and wearing platforms and bellbottoms--and yet signs of her conservative switch can be seen by her ever-present gun necklace. Anita says her goal is to help rebrand and hip up the conservative movement to include more artists, musicians, actors, gays and minorities and young people. Anita's belief is that if she saw the light, there are others who would also embrace the conservative movement, if only just shown the way. Follow Anita Gunn on Twitter @AnitaGunn1.

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