White House Petition To Enact Day After Super Bowl As Federal Holiday

man watching tvJust what we need: another paid day off for federal government employees.

A new petition on WhiteHouse.gov is proposing the day after Super Bowl as a new Federal Holiday. The reasons for this appeal are just as sophisticated as the idea itself:

It seems wildly unfair for us to have to reign in our revelry, to diminish a rare occasion of nationwide camaraderie, by having to go to work the following day.Next Monday, it’s estimated that 1.5 million Americans will call in sick. An additional 4.4 million will trudge in late, completely spent from the day before. Nearly 10% of the American workforce will spend a vacation day just to stay home and recuperate. Read the petition here.

Look, I am just as guilty as anyone else of staying up late watching hours of re-plays on TEVO, and nursing a nacho-cheese-hang-over the day after the annual football game event.
But c’mon, is the day after super bowl such a burden on federal government employees that we have to put it on taxpayer-funded life-support for the day?

If we truly thought that government employees needed another red day on their calendar is Super Bowl Monday the best we’ve got? Or how about something totally unthinkable- like Good Friday?

Karin Piper

Colorado PolitiChick Karin Piper is an award winning author and transparency expert specializing in education and union transparency. She provides policy tools necessary for parents, union memberis, teachers and decision makers to become informed consumers in the educational marketplace. She also serves as executive director of ParentledReform.org, an organization she helped found, and works with various other non-partisan likeminded organizations. Karin was a finalist for OGI's 2012 Burke-Carr Public Interest Awards and nominated as candidate for Charter School Friend of the Year in 2009. Her knowledge of state and federal open records laws and tireless advocacy for open union negotiations has been featured by major media outlets across the nation. Her debut book, CHARTER SCHOOLS: The Ultimate Handbook for Parents, was awarded a 2009 finalist in best books for parenting and education, by USA Book News and appeared in bookstores around the world. Born and raised in Sweden, she lives in Douglas County, Colorado, the epicenter of education reform. Karin is a frequently sought as a parental voice and expert opinion in response to much of today's political edu-rhetoric and legislation proposals. She has been interviewed by many news outlets, including CBS, NBC, KNUS, EdNews, Denver Post, Los Angeles Times, and many others.

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