Values Clarification: The New Shell Game

shell-game1The United States Constitution and the founding documents, as well as the true American way of life are being shredded daily. How could this be happening to a nation who in less than 238 years became the most powerful, richest, and dominate force for good on the planet?

Answer: The Shell Game. The person facilitating this swindle is called the operator. S/he begins the game by placing the markers, a thimble, or pea under one of three walnut shells, and then he quickly shuffles the shells around. The players are to guess which walnut shell the pea or thimble is under.

The Left is playing the Shell Game with its citizens.

The Operators are the offsprings of Neo-communist elites, first into the higher education faculties of the universities, and now into the entire public school system. The universities have become “a political base for its radical and anti-American agendas”, says David Horowitz. These radicals put on suits, blended in with the political parties, as Saul Alinsky advised. Many of these radicals are now in power after hijacking what was once known as the Democratic Party.

The Strategy: Values clarification has become the a new “framing” art using American ideals and values as the paint used in the political cold war. The shell game is the technique. It this political ruse of value clarification on behalf of the good American, the shell game operator-in-chief is President Obama. The markers are values, the shuffling taking place are the Progressives values usurping our Constitutional values. The Neo-Communists make a pseudo righteous case for applying their hierarchy of the nation’s founding values, adding new ones, such as empathy, then apply them to policy. It’s more than a con’s shake down; it’s the fundamental transformation of America by changing her prioritized value system, the Constitution, which once afforded her citizens protection as a free republic. No one knew that by changing the values you could overtake a nation. The was foretold by Nikita Khrushchev who said, “We can’t expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism”.

Some of the markers under the half shells are:

Value of Diversity Shilled for Freedom of Religion

The War on Christianity: The value of “Diversity” is being raised to de-status Christianity. The most recent attack is exemplified at Iowa University who removed Bibles from hotel rooms due to a complaint from a single guest to the “watchdog group”, Freedom From Religion Foundation. The attorney for the organization, Patrick Elliott, said in essence that making Bibles available to guests in a state-run university is a policy that facilitates illegal endorsement of Christianity over other religions and over nonreligion [no religion]. While the Left campaigns for tolerance of the ”dress, language, heritage and religion of all the ethnic variety in the nation, they refuse to tolerate or embrace Christianity as the dominate choice in America.

By reframing the First Amendment’s Freedom of Religion (a “Freedom” or “Liberty” value), which was the catalyst for founding America, to Freedom “From” Religion, is a blatant twisting of the intent of the Bill of Rights. The activist courts, all schooled in the Neo-communist universities, continue to violate our Constitutional rights in their judgment. The latest infringement against religious rights has been issued by a federal appeals court Friday, February 21, 2104, who ruled against the University of Notre Dame against the claim that the Obama administration’s contraception-coverage requirement is forcing it to violate its religious beliefs.

Value of (Economic) Equality

Equality was not originally part of the Constitution. The Declaration of Independence states: “we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.” However on July 9, 1968 the last two states ratified the 14th amendment, making everyone born in the United States a citizen, entitled to equal protection in every state. It reads, “No state shall . . . deny to any person the equal protection of the laws.” Under Section 1, the government prohibits a state government from denying “to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws”. This equal protection clause protects individuals from subjective discrimination by government officials. How is it being defined? How is it being executed?

We have been adding to it for decades. Today teachers are teaching their students “Constitutional Principles” and an extended value system that under this value of Equality, “everyone has the right to Political, Legal, Social and Economic Equality. Everyone has the right to the same treatment regardless of race, sex, religion, heritage, or economic status.”

President Obama is using this extended value clarification to push for a minimum wage hike in the federal minimum wage act to $10.10 an hour by 2016. He then justifies it by saying it is good politics because the “majority of Americans think that raising the minimum wage is a good idea.”

The Left’s reframing of the Equality Value seems to have overlooked that aspect of consideration in its revamping:

“The net loss to society that results from this sweeping act of “wrongful discharge” is staggering. Those losses include: (1) The loss of employment to the individual himself, (2) the shrinking of the economic pie by the loss of his productive contribution, (3) the financial loss to society in supporting him in his idleness (unemployment compensation, welfare, etc.), (4) the financial loss in funding useless job training programs and other government efforts to get him re-employed, and (5) the net loss to society in having consumer prices driven up to cover the higher labor costs, and the loss of market share to foreign competition that may occur.”

Read more:

Value of Freedom of Speech and a Free Press

Stunning the free press as well as the American citizens, the FCC announced their plan to monitor news rooms. Their objective is to examine “the process by which stories are selected,” as well as “perceived station bias” and “perceived responsiveness to underserved populations”. Keep in mind that it is the FCC’s prerogative to renew or reject broadcast television licenses. (Talk about intimidation!)

Commissioner Pai explains in the Wall Street Journal:

Last May the FCC proposed an initiative to thrust the federal government into newsrooms across the country. With its “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs,” or CIN, the agency plans to send researchers to grill reporters, editors and station owners about how they decide which stories to run. A field test in Columbia, S.C., is scheduled to begin this spring.

The purpose of the CIN, according to the FCC, is to ferret out information from television and radio broadcasters about “the process by which stories are selected” and how often stations cover “critical information needs,” along with ‘perceived station bias’ and ‘perceived responsiveness to underserved populations.’ ”

The public backlash was so immediate that the Federal Communications Commission said on Friday it was putting the controversial study of newsrooms on hold. The hold is for revision, not cancellation.

The challenge in dealing with con artists is that they know their marks so well. They create a narrative around a policy change citing the reason is to meet the needs and best interest of the public—without discussion or debate, which would siphon out the unintended consequences. This way, the operator can butter his bread by insisting it is for the common good of their marks thereby using the shell game to shift Constitutional values for the Progressives’.

Pamela Anne

Pamela Anne is first a Christian, secondly a Constitutional Republic patriot living in one of the declining blue states that's been primarily governed by Democrats for numerous decades. (Hence, the decline.) As a newly defined right winger by the Leftist linguistics practitioners, she admits to promoting, through key stroke and pen: One nation under Almighty God of the Bible, Conservative values, Constitutional principles and the Judeo-Christian philosophy. Pamela's background is in communication skills development, leadership training, and business management. Several of Pamela's articles have been picked up by multiple political blogs and news sites. She can be found on Facebook.

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