US Ranks 46th on World Press Freedom Index – Drops 14 Spots

The United States of America, the country that was once the beacon of freedom and liberty, ranked 46th out of 180 countries worldwide on the World Press Freedom Index.  In 2013, the United States was ranked 32 out of 179 countries, thus dropping our 2014 ranking, and our freedom, 14 spots.  To put it into perspective, the United States is listed just slightly higher on the list than Haiti and the African country of Niger.

MapSince 2012, Reporters Without Borders has been publishing the World Press Freedom Index to gauge freedom of the press in each country.  Since the index has only been published since 2012 we can’t compare how the United States would have fared under President Bush as compared to President Obama, but the index’s accompanying dialogue gives us some insight into what we, as Americans, are dealing with under the supremacy of the Obama administration.

According to Reporters Without Borders, in the five years since Obama has taken office at least 8 individuals have been charged under the Espionage Act compared with 3 individuals during President Bush’s two terms in office and as the Obama administration continues to try to control the narrative – those numbers are only going to grow.

Even the liberal publication The Daily Beast, who often writes glowing reviews of President Obama, wrote that “He [Obama] is fast becoming the worst national security press president ever, and it may not get any better.”

Last year, Diane Feinstein, even proposed an amendment to the media shield law that would restrict who could be considered a “journalist”.  She proposed that only “paid journalists” could be protected under the First Amendment thus trying to shut-out bloggers and new media that is rapidly dominating the news.

This index published by Reporters Without Borders and the blatant disregard for the Constitution by this administration prove that we are no longer free, because if the media is no longer free to report the truth then we, as Americans, are not free to know the truth, and if we are not free to know the truth then we are not free at all.

Wake up, America!  This is not a drill, repeat, this is not a drill. The Obama Administration has waged a war against freedom and unless we fight back America, as we know it, will be lost for good.

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